Saturday 6 September 2008

Is your dad a hottie?

Tomorrow is Father's Day.

It is, according to the Myers catalogue that was thrust into my letterbox. It's the one with the '0o advertising crap thanks' sticker plastered on it.
Now, I hardly ever read nor open mailbox advertising. I'd love to reside on some remote property where they don't deliver such stuff.
However I got a chuckle out of Myers version of what the average Dad is like. Buffed and smooth, clean and hunky. The Homer Simpson lookalike ideal was shattered.
However, it got me thinking, if Dad can have a day of celebration, all to himself, then we should have a day to recognise a raft of other things. Maybe we should have other 'celebration days', like the Lesbian Whale Lovers, the Society of Sheep Shearers; Crazy Boy Racers Day; Leftie Looney Labor Voters Day.. oh hell, that's enough.

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