Saturday 27 September 2008

Some sad overnight robbers

In the early hours of Saturday morning, someone attempted to break into a Northern Beaches charity shop.

"What did they think they were going to get?" said assistant store manager of the Smithfield Salvation Army charity store, Fina who was shocked to see the results of an attempted break in when she arrived to open the Salvado Drive shop this morning.

"Why would anyone want to break into a charity store?" Fina asked.

MONEY FOR NOTHING Salvation Army workers George and Fina
survey the damage to the reinforced glass door.

"We will have to get this repaired now and that is not cheap," Fina said. It appeared a hammer and a screwdriver had been used, which will now cost the charity a couple of hundred dollars to repair.

The new location is sparsely populated, with little lighting. Large street graffiti adorns a number of the surrounding buildings.

The Army's Smithfield charity store relocated to the quiet industrial area, across the Captain Cook highway from Smithfield Centre three months ago. They vacated their well-known shop to make way for a new cinema complex.

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