Wednesday 24 September 2008

Does age determine maturity

JCU's Student Psychology Association host their 17th debate this Friday with the motion up for discussion to see if age determines maturity.

It's on this Friday from 6pm at the Crowther Theatre, James Cook University.

Speakers are Ernest Ross, from Tjapukai cultural park; and Dr Ina Flockhart, a clinical psychologist; Amelia Torre a year 12 captain from Saint Monica's College; Councillor Kirsten Lesina, also a year 12 school captain from Saint Monica's College... opps, I mean JCU law graduate, and also the world's youngest ever Councillor.

There'll be drinks a desert at Stinger's Bar following the debate and it's free to come along.

A JCU student said to me today, "I imagine Kirsten is a riveting public speaker, perhaps she should do it naked?" I'm still trying to work out what he meant.

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