Tuesday 9 September 2008

Jason O'Brien responds to Iceman

Jason O'Brien MP, Member for Cook, responds to a comment on CairnsBlog last week...
  • I try not to respond to most of the criticism that comes my way, it's all part of the course as a pollie.

    However, I was a bit taken aback by something a commenter said on
    CairnsBlog who goes by the name of "Iceman" wrote the other day:

    "your silence was deafening during the Cape child rape scandal. What has changed since?"

    For the information of 'Iceman' this is a news clip from the ABC news about this issue.

    In response, on July 21, 2008 the Bligh Government increased the budget allocation for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions by almost $21 million over four years. This amounts to a 23% increase on last year's funding.

    I hope this provides clarification of the facts for 'Iceman'.


Luke P. said...

MP's like O'Brien taking a stand against sex abuse on Indigenous Girls:Good Job! Standing up for the north may not get him a seat in the Ministry, but I take my hat off to him on this one.

To his credit he has copped a lot of flack in the Brisbane press for standing up to Beattie / Bligh. He may be a goer yet!?

Unknown said...

Jason O'Brien has shaped up as a FNQ rebel. He hasn't towed 'Bris - Vegas' line on nurses accomodation problems on the Cape, Alcohol management or any other issue. Isn't there anyone else out there that listens? (take note Warren, Desley and Co)

Unknown said...

Mr O'Brien's brave support for this cause has made me cry. I was the victim of sexual abuse and to see someone standing up to the establishment in defence of victims is ... it's hard to describe to be truthful. It brings a sense of empowerment.

We need to take this issue seriously. It is one of the most important out there. I support anyone like him who takes a stand.

Unknown said...

I am now pissed off: Why is only O'Brien standing up on this issue? Where the F**K is everyone else?! Suely this crosses party lines? Kids are being abused and the only one speaking out is a politician from the cape. Whats wrong with this system!!!

Anonymous said...

The system stinks because Jason is two thousand six hundred kilometers from Bligh and Company. Anything North of Bundaberg is no-mans land to Bligh. This why the original Captain had a mutiny on his hands. It runs in the family and she will revisit the episode in 2009 when she is thrown overboard. Jason has demonstrated his true grit and should consider becoming an Independent next year.

Unknown said...

Agree with Bungyone-O'Brien should run as an independent. He is only one to take child rape seriously up here. That's not politics - that's character and morals.

How can anyone in Brisbane pretend they can't hear him? Drop the bastards Jason!

I dont want to sound like I'm his fan club (met him once tho), but Emily is right - I support anyone who protects young girls and children! This is an issue we should take seriously on Cairns Blog.

I also know the one politician I will support in the State election.

Unknown said...

FUCK! Why is there an O'Brien army of one over child rape and an army of 8,000 over the Yacht Club?

It is like comparing apples and oranges, but it does say something.

Sisters: we need to get behind this issue and the one politician that wants to fix it. Brothers: Join us!

Unknown said...

O'Brien = someone who cares about sex abuse. Why is their no one else?

I agree. Perhaps the void needs to b filled by cairnsblog.net.

Can we have a Cairns blog discussion on this important issue?

TheBuick8888 said...

I worked at the brisbane DPP for 14 weeks before i was bullied out.

My coworkers withheld information from me, bullied me beyond belief, and one would spend entire work days completing University related assignments and exam preparation.

My coworkers once laughed at the circumstances involving the rape of a 9 year old girl from a low socio-economic background.

The term 'Bogan' was used to describe her.

Ive contacted the Courier mail about this. no reply thou!