Tuesday 23 September 2008

Give them 53 sq meters...

It seems that far from returning the land they stole from us, Villa Romana are hell bent on taking more footpath.

Their sidewalk advertising board is a monster, the biggest along the entire Esplanade strip. It creeps out on the already narrow footpath. Their protruding restaurant wall is subject to a Council demolition order, that was meant to be attended to by last week.

So, the contempt shown by Villa is beyond belief.

Council regulations seem to be flouted regarding the size of the sandwich advertising boards. They must be registered and display a Council permit, and of course these boards display no such approval.

Footpath signs are regulated to be 60cm X 90 cm, the same size as an election corflute.

Villa is still one of Bulldozer's favourite restaurants. KB and Muckenzy were there scoffing back a vino last Thursday afternoon.

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KitchenSlut said...

Well done Villa!!

Some years ago the Kitchen Slut, to protect himself on solicitors advice was forced to take legal action for assault against a previous business partner of George of Villa Romana infamy. This action was dropped after Cairns Police did nothing for several months and on the advice of a detective investigating other criminal charges against individuals involved.

At that time I was casually watching the old 9 Network Sunday program when what popped up but a reference to the Villa Lygon St establishment linked to the infamous Melbourne gangland killings. Kitchenslut even confesses that he slept in his backroom for some nights .....

Many internet links are now gone however at least Kitchenslut will never forget the impact on his life from attempting to be an honest whistleblower for some rather unsavoury activities in the Cairns business community.

Cairnsblog has documented the funding sources for the KB 2004 election but this doesn't reveal that substantial funds for that campaign(including from nightclub owner and Villa wanker Reno Nicastro) went through the cash safe at the Bainvale Pty Ltd office of Villa Romana.

The previous google links between Villa and the Melbourne ganglands provided some ionteresting references to that most notorious individual Mick Gatto. Eery time I look at those Villa ads spruiking "never know who you will see at Villa Romana" I always wonder why Mick Gatto has been excluded!

PLease explain George?