Tuesday 2 September 2008

I'll say it again, turn ya fog lights off dickhead

Over a year ago I wrote about those dickheads on our roads that insist on pissing everyone off by using their fog lights in addition to their normal vehicle lights.

Now, I've been living up in these here parts for around 9 years now, and I don't recall actually ever driving through fog in the far north of Queensland. Never. Maybe it occurs in the midst of 'winter' on the Tablelands, but never on the coast.

Recently in Victoria a new law regarding the use of fog lights was introduced. Using front fog lights in any other conditions apart from hazardous weather conditions, is now prohibited.

“Fog lamps turned on when there is no fog can cause glare, affecting other road users’ ability to see and drive safely,” Minister of Transport Pallas says.

“The new law brings the use of front fog lights in line with rules for using rear fog lights, reflecting community expectations and improving road safety. If drivers use their fog lights under conditions which are not foggy or hazardous they could face fines of $116.”

According to the NRMA, Australian Road Rules state that fog lights are not to be used at any other time. The Queensland government says you may only drive with rear fog lights on if you are in heavy fog or hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility.

I received a message from a Blog reader recently saying that it is now an offence nationwide to have front fog lights on when in clear weather conditions, day or night. This was explained to me that under a newly modified Australian Road Rule 217, the change (and many others) will be reflected in the QLD driver manual 'Your Keys To Driving In Queensland'. A search of the Statue, doesn't clearly indicate that use of fog lights, when using normal lights, is allowed or disallowed.

The guide says though: "During the day, you may drive in fog or other hazardous weather conditions without your headlights on if you turn on your front fog lights (if fitted)"

However, when I called the Sheridan Street Police control room just now, I posed the question if this was the case in Queensland. "No, we're a bit backward here in Queensland you know," exclaimed the officer.

So it seems that wankers can continue to drive around with four bloody bright lights while following you, of heading towards you on the other side of the road.

I still recommend you flash your headlights at these dickheads to show them the distraction that they cause to you on the road.

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Anonymous said...

At last someone agrees with me! There's nothing worse than copping and eye full of headlights and fog lights when the weather is clear. I'm seeing more and more cases of it every day!