Saturday 6 September 2008

Please stop emailing me, sob sob

Last week, I published an outburst from the Member for Cook, Jason O'Brien.

He didn't want anymore emails from those fighting to save the historic Yacht Club building.
  • "The reality is that if those who are protesting about the fate of the club now had ever patronised the place it would not have got behind in its rent and fallen into the state it is now. The new building will be better and more importantly, viable as it will be patronised by tourists and locals alike."

Rob Williams, President of the Dixie Jazz Club who have played in the Yacht Club building for years, and a long-time campaigner for preservation of the building, says Jason O'Brien is 'abysmally uninformed' about the campaign.

"Jason, you, are so pathetically, abysmally uninformed about the the Cairns Yacht Club sporting body, and the separate fight to save the historical Aquatic [Yacht] Building," says Rob Williams. "You must be a worry when it comes to finding your way around the Cape!"

Williams says that the carpetbaggers like Byrne and company, whom O'Brien fraternised as a Cairns City Councillor, "should be hunted down and then tarred and feathered for what they have done to our City."

"Your Labor Party has effectively walled off our City," Williams says in a letter to the Member for Cook. "Views of our beloved Trinity inlet are now obscured from the central business district. Your illustrious Labor gang, through the illegally set up Cairns Port Authority, has done nothing but suck money out of Cairns for years."

"A good demonstration of their attitude towards the people is that, in your new Electorate of Cook, they haven't raised a hand to help the Cooktown people who have struggles for years to maintain the traditional Cooktown Celebration, which, for your information is the most important lynch pin in Australia's History," says Rob Williams.

"Being a New South Welshman, I suppose that you knew James mapped the East Coast. Did you ever wonder what happened after he left Botany Bay?," asks Williams.

  • 'Please stop emailing me,' Jason O'Brien said in an email to People Against Demolishing the Yacht Club.
    "Your pathetic attempts to ingratiate yourself with the community on this issue are, quite frankly, sad," O'Brien says to PADYC's co-ordinator, Wendy Richardson.

Oh Jason, are you sure that 4WD rollover didnt affect you? Because the only thing pathetic is you bleating about emails you receive as an elected representative.

I would remind you, and all MPs, that it is the duty of any and every citizen, to inform Members of the WILL of the people, about things we what raised by Parliament. I suggest you get used to receiving these letters so you may be kept better informed than you are now.

Furthermore, Jason O'Brien and his Labor colleagues might want to prepare for the fallout when the people of North Queensland realise that their parliamentary mates have demolished their cultural heritage.

"Large scale pictures tell a thousand words," says Rob Williams. "They are quite legitimate to show as art virtually anywhere."

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