Tuesday 23 September 2008

Government: Yacht building off to JCU

A nervous, confused and non-consultative State Government are going to move the old Cairns Yacht Club building to the James Cook University campus, widely suspected to be land they own in Greenslopes Street, rather than the University's Smithfield campus.

As I exclusively wrote yesteday, the move has had no involvement from community interest groups.

There is strong objection to the building being moved out to Smithfield which is Commonwealth owned. The city land is believed to be owned by JCU, and comes under State, not local Council control.

Why move a sea faring building to a land locked destination? God only knows. They certainly didn't consult with the community about this.

Those campaigning for it's preservation on the existing site are not giving up.

"We are currently investigating the relevance of the Burra Charter," Wendy Richardson told CairnsBlog late this evening. "There will also be other direct action planned later this week."

Today, I received one of the many form letters from the Premier's Office, who are now rather skilled at fobbing off the thousands of residents across the State that want to keep the building. A large number of residents have reported to me receiving the same letter, word for word.

No one in the Premier's office is taking the concerns on board from local Cairns residents seriously.

Meanwhile, Yacht Club officials were busy all day today, removing fixtures and memorabilia from the 103 year old Wharf Street building.

This morning the balcony awning was removed, which will be relocated to the Club's Ellis Beach site. Two car load's of old trophies and awards will also need to find a new home, as club veterans packed them up this morning.

"It's a sad, sad situation," they said.


Anonymous said...

I see you bet the Cairns Post to this one as well Michael, and with far more detail!! After your Wettenhall expose, the other folk who call themselves journalists are simply sitting at their desks and waiting for the next media release to come in on their fax machine. It's so easy to see the new media beats hands down the old newspaper syspe of reporting. Good on you. (PS love the write ups about your contributers... we need a woman!!)

Anonymous said...

Man.. some out of touch bunch of pollys.. How hard is this to do.. intergrate the old building into ShityPort re-development.. gain an over-whelming public support.. and we all live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

I hope they are transporting the beach and the view as well. Completely missed the point haven't they? We want the yacht club building on the inlet where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it. 100 years of history down the toilet.
Demolition by any other name is still demolition.
The JCU must be cashed up to have agreed to accept the debris. But then the same pressure that forced the CYC Commodore to roll over is behind the Governments move.
They may as well burn the place where it is and use the money to paint the Hospital.
Like a dead decapitated Dinosaur the carcass of the beloved Aquatic Building will be transported out of town. The height and width restrictions of the streets and highway will determine that the building will be cut into quite small pieces.
Our next step is the demolition of the Labor Party.

Al said...

The Yacht Club may be lost to Cairns, but we can extract our revenge.The next election will be very close, and an issue such as this can make or break. Retain your anger and remember; revenge is a dish best served cold.

PS: This strategy will not affect any seat that Boofhead may contest - that would ensure the return of a Labour candidate (cos we're not that silly). Tom Asquith

Unknown said...

In the Cairns Post today I read that after intense lobbying by local MP's a decision was made to create a Cairns-based Far North Ports Corporation. The article also states that MPs Steve Wettenhall and Jason O'Brien warned that the Labor Party's stranglehold was under threat if the decision went against Cairns.

Good work indeed . That's what we elect out local MPs for, to lobby on our behalf.

So why aren't our local MPs lobbying on behalf of the thousands of Cairns residents who want to keep the Cairns Yacht Club in its current location ? Moving part of it it to James Cook University is the biggest con job ever and no one is being fooled by it. Why aren't we being told what is coming in its place ? Will it be a improvement on what's there now ? Will it benefit the local residents ? Will it be good for Cairns as a whole ? Nothing but silence on the subject. And why will our local MPs not listen to the people who elected them ? We do not want it moved !

I, like many Queenslanders, was happy to see the end of the Bjelke-Pedersen regime. The way this government is dealing with the Yacht Club issue is just as bad as the worst behaviour of the likes of Russel Hinze during his reign. Why not bring back the Special Branch while they are at it ?

I received a message from the Premier's office today assuring me that she has noted my concerns and has forwarded the matter to the responsible minister(s). What a lie... they must think I am an idiot ? By the time I get a further bullshit reply they will have had their way and the old building will have been demolished. It is not just a building that is being destroyed.. it is a lifestyle that is being destroyed ! That's why people are so angry.

And what for ? What is coming in its place ? Does anyone have the guts to tell us ? Open, transparent government ? What a joke !

I was very active in the union movement during the Bjelke-Pedersen years and I remember well what went on then. Likewise I will remember the refusal of the Bligh government and especially our local members to listen to the wishes of the people of Cairns. I will make it my mission to remind as many people as possible about this foolish and ignorant decision when the next election comes around.

The Australian Newspaper reports today that Labor's vote in Queensland has slumped. I am not surprised. While there are many different issues in different parts of the State, I know what the big issue in Cairns is.

Our local MPs would do well to remember that for every angry, outspoken writer of e-mails and letters like myself, there are are hundreds of quiet people out there who will voice their disapproval in silence at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

I want to form a new party called the P.F.D.L.P. (People For Demoloshing the Labor Party), any takers? I agree with EVERYTHING "Nick" has said. The Futile Four, Wetten NO Balls, Demolition Desley, Pittiful Pitt and Jason O'Brien, who is so pathetic he doesn't even warrant a nick name, will "ALL BE RUINED"! It is up to us all to keep the momentum of this anger that the Cairns Community is expressing, alive until next election. I will be doing my damndest anyway, you mark my words. Lest we forget.

Kerry Riella.

Anonymous said...

Many on the Northern Beaches will be joining the PFDLP.

After all, this State Govt, has not saved one significant tree, one creek, one cassowary habitat, one melaleucca wetland nor one conservation area in 3 years, despite tomes of state govt. policy and legislation to the contrary.

They are truely and utterly useless, and any other altenative, would not be any worse!