Tuesday 16 September 2008

Yorkeys Knob wildlife park

Imagine there's few developers,
It's easy if you try...
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people...
Living for today...

Imagine beyond this wall, was a park for us all....
(with apologies to Mr Lennon)

So goes the new song they're singing out at Yorkeys Knob.

A few nights ago, up sprung numerous spray-painted signs around the perimeter fence encompassing the former Sea Temple Yorkeys Beach, I mean Yorkeys Knob site.

Much debate has raged over this large Esplanade frontage. The locals took the former Sea Temple developer Juniper, to task over not using the correct place name of 'Yorkeys Knob', and won.

Now the land has remained empty ever since they left the sleepy village. There is now a grass-roots campaign to turn a large portion of this site in to a park and wildlife reserve. There are numerous native animals and bird life that live here. Much of the large paperbarks and other substantial native trees were going to be removed if the Sea Temple complex went ahead. This would still happen if a raft of ghastly apartments go ahead.

Time to claim this space for the people. Wouldn't it be inspirational for a Council to set this land aside for all the community. We just need a cool $20 million.

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Anonymous said...

I find it funny that the local constable of Yorkeys Knob called (in the local newsletter)the person who wrote this on the wall, a vandal. How can you call somebody writing a perfectly valid message on a wall vandalism when a bunch of greedy developers are allowed to demolish over 50 melaleucas in the name of money.

When are these scumbags going to stop sacrificing the future for profit in the present?

I urge others to put their message on the wall aswell