Sunday 28 September 2008

Caption Contest

Spotted at Smithfield Centre, this week. Thought we could have some fun with this one.
  1. "Mummy, how come daddy doesn't wear undies like that?"
  2. "Mummy, why is he smiling with such a small dick like that?"
  3. "Suzie, stop looking at that photo, you'll never get a boy like that, they're all gay."
  4. "Mummy, why doesn't daddy look like that, did he let it go after you got married?"
  5. "Suzie, please don't become a perv in your young age, please."
  6. ........... your turn ...........


Al said...

Good to have a sense of humour Mike -- bit like Rob Pyne with his emails I suppose -- and this is just my opinion for what its worth:
I think this stuff detracts from your blog. You probably have individuals from all genders, ages, and sensibilities reading some good and alternative comment about the goings on (and dodgy dealings) in Cairns by our so-called political leaders. CairnsBlog can become the Crikey of local media. Bar-room jokes don't seem to belong. But then, it's your blog ...
Cheers Alan

Anonymous said...

If you look closely, the girl isn't even looking at the undies poster, so the caption should be something along the lines of 'Mummy, look at what services Mister Minit provides'.

Anonymous said...

"See that sign mummy, is that a Tom Hedley's Advertisement!"