Sunday 21 September 2008

Caption Contest

Too much crap around Cairns this week, so how about this one.. Just what is the guy looking at the camera thinking?

Chocolate fish for the best entry!
  1. "Yeah, I know, I'm up next".
  2. "These larger fit condoms leave a lot to be desired".
  3. "Arh, so here's where I find the WorkChoices legislation"
  4. "Are you sure this is where the Douglas water supply comes from?"
  5. "Are you sure this is where the Beaconsfield miners are?"
  6. "And you reckon you have a shit job.."
  7. "This is where Desley is hiding!"
  8. ......."your turn........"


Anonymous said...

This is just one of my old snaps of John Howard talking with George Bush.

Anonymous said...

Oh, It's just Gavin King looking for his next article.