Tuesday 30 September 2008

Heritage vandlisim commenced

One of the many stalwart supporters to keep the historic Cairns Yacht Club building Ian Cole summed it up today, as he watched the team from Anton Demolitions start removing the roofing iron.
"It’s just so sad. After such an effort to save an old building, a place that has been part of a city’s growth and finding of identity, we witnessed the destruction of the Cairns Yacht Club Building today," he said.
"Ninety years of community involvement. Sport, celebration, music and dance. Gone. Why? Because there is a plan. No, a Masterplan. In fact the Cairns Port Master Plan."
Ian says it's inflexible, infallible, inconsiderate and destructive, and for what? To build some apartments for the well-heeled.
"What happened to the Labor Party? Where are the ethics, the morals, the principles? Sad, sad day," Ian Cole said.


Anonymous said...

Indeed what a sad, sad day for Cairns, and the Labor Party. 11,000-plus Queensland citizens signed the petitition to retain the Yacht Club building on its present site. We have four elected Labor members in close proximity - Desley Boyle, Warren Pitt, Steve Wettenhall and Jason O'Brien, and NONE of them lift a finger to listen to the will of their electorates.
Cairns electorate (Boyle) has 27,561 voters, Barron River (Wettenhall) has 30,294 voters. Therefore at least one in five people in those two electorates were willing to front up and sign their name to retaining the Yacht Club, & yet the elected members have chosen to pursue an agenda that has little else to do with other than money.
All the concerns over forced amalgamations were not listened to, nor is there a formal process to evaluate the Council amalgamations.
And of course, a couple of coppers, whose wages are paid by our taxes, 'guarding' the desecration.
What indeed has happened to the Labor Party.
A very sad day indeed for Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Is there anyway you can pass my e.mail address on to Bob Rendall? I am trying to contact his wife Marilyn who was our tour guide in the Outback Adventure tour from Princess cruises, from Sydney/Uluru/Alice/Cairns/Sydney. Thanks

We all saw the devastation at the former club site last month on our visit to Cairns, what an awful shame.....and to what end? in the present economic climate no new building will get done anyway...it's just GREED, GREED and more GREED on the part of so called devlopers. Shame on them all!

Good luck from a couple of poms!
Janet and Syd Morrell