Friday 10 August 2007

What do the head honchos think?

With a love for polling, I undertook a highly scientific snap phone poll to gain reaction, in the minutes after the new Law came into effect at 4:06am this morning.

This was to gain reaction and of course beat the region's print media as only a Blog can do. So, I got out my PDC Yellow directory, and chatted to some of our region's celebrities.....

"I have a job for Kevin, come March next year. He'll work on the Daintree Ferry. It involves going from back and forth all day long, all the time avoiding the crocs below. A perfect role for him." -MIKE BERWICK

"Melbourne does way better Lattes than Perottas. Now where's that map of Redlynch Valley?" - TOM HEDLEY

"Well, at least we'll get those blimmin curbs and footpaths fixed up around the beaches now."

"No, that's fine Michael, you do realise that I'm having my wholegrain cereal and low fat soy latte at this time of morning, don't you?" - KEIR SHOREY

"It is difficult being under Kevin these last few years, and not that comfortable as well. And yes, I am the power behind the throne. But put that on your blog and I'll sue you."

"This town needed a clean up long before this reform. Look at those footpaths around McDonalds on the Nard, and our CBD buildings look like Baghdad on a good day. If we don't clean up this town, I'll be buggered, and not in a good way." - BOB NORMAN

"No, we'll not that kind of couple Michael! Wait, I'll pass the phone across to Peter."

"I'll propose that the 3 lion cubs run Divisons 3, 6 and 8, and the Siberian Tiger will work with Berwick's lot" - UDO JATTKE

"Hey, whoever you are, I'm retired now and I've got a good mind to report you to the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's" (phone goes quiet). - TOM PYNE

"We'll fight them on the beaches.... and the southern hillslops too." - ROBERT PYNE

"It's OK, I had to wake up to answer the phone anyway. Yeah, The Simpsons is really the best movie this year, isn't it?" - CR MICK BORZI

"Thanks for your call. I was awake anyway, can't sleep in these days you know! In Machans Beach, we are the ideal community. We are a model for how we should be living together in this special and unique region. It's about caring for your neighbour, having a genuine sense of community. Loving the land, and enjoying our climate. Also, everybody should have a pet Dugong in their yard."

"Cairns? oh.. I remember where that is I think.. somewhere north of Wollongong. All I want to say is that you get what you deserve when you vote. By the way, did you know that Trujillo's salary down here is around 36 times mine.. and Kev's is 73 times. Who'd ya rather be?" -DAVID FARMER

"Did you know, the kangaroos next to the Trinity Beach Bowling Club are the biggest un-discovered tourist attraction on the Cook Highway, and all thanks to land-clearing from surrounding developers." -CR SNO BONNEAU

"This is off the record, and will be held in a closed door session, and not minuted. But we're gunna fit another 30,000 people north of the Baron in the next five years. Blood sugar cane, it's a waste of space." - CR KEVIN BYRNE

"I think I might take up smoking" - IAN 'JOHNO' JOHNSON

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