Tuesday 5 October 2010

CairnsBlog demerits

To deal with the more abusive and disruptive commenters, CairnsBlog is operating a demerit system. The general guide to demerit points will be:
  • 100 points – For highly defamatory comments
  • 50 points – For grossly inflammatory comments with no redeeming quality
  • 35 points – For blatant trolling, highly inflammatory comments
  • 20 points – abusive language
  • 10 points – posting off topic
  • 5 points – For minor infractions, such as one inflammatory sentence in an otherwise good post
These are a guide only. At 100 demerits, the poster will get suspended – initially for one week, but the duration doubles with each further suspension.

If you see a comment that you think is highly abusive, then feel free to report it by sending an e-mail abuse@CairnsBlog.net

Your e-mail should include a link to the specific comment (copy and paste it) as well as the story that it comes from.

Often I do not have time to read every thread, let alone every comment, so reader's help in maintaining standards is genuinely appreciated. I also do not have time to respond to every complaint – however they will all be considered, and you’ll see below whether or not I decide demerits are warranted. Generally I won’t respond individually, and I have the assistance of other moderators.

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S Corby is innocent


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@ 4 November 2010


MG said...

MM question for you - why have you not given demerit points for abuse I have received from Jannie, Bronwyn, Bryan? I hereby make a formal complaint.

I am glad that I produced enough debate about defamation that you are moderating this site as it should be done.

I am honoured that I have not abused anyone and you can only get me on a lowly fabricated MM demerit of off topic?????

Mate you better go back and read the tit for tat of Kev and Bryan No Blake Lover and the rest.

If they dont get anything then matey you have small man's syndrome


S Corby is innocent said...

I'm with MM on this, I deserve demerit points as No Blake lover, as does Yassu the Failure.

Not for "off topic" though, as there was no topic.

Perhaps "5 points – For minor infractions, such as one inflammatory sentence in an otherwise good post" for No Blake lover ...

... and "35 points – For blatant trolling, highly inflammatory comments" for Yassu the Failure.

It's unfair that you should pick on MM just because he's a bit of a dick.

Unknown said...

If Yassu's trolling is so blatant, how come you and your alter ego "No Blake Lover, The Backpacker Hater" keep rising to the bait. maybe you are not so smart after all or maybe it just offered an opportunity to vent some suppressed rage...

MG said...

another question:

how can I be off topic on blogs you never posted??????????? lol

seems you created this as a farce or do you actually want us all to throw caution to the wind and compete for top spot on the demerit points and see who becomes more famous????

or maybe you are seeing if you can uncover exactly who I am by trying to get the others to fish me out...

not likely pal as you already are tracing back to where the posts come from.........being techno savvy I suggest you other posters invest in some very good internet security to protect your interests... my system has had 6 attempts at hacking since I started posting on this blog.

Damn shame I use 6 different internet sources lol


S Corby is innocent said...

Yes!! I'm in the lead!

Unknown said...

If you add the demerit points you should have gotten for the inflammatory nonsense you posted under your other pseudonym : No Blake Lover", you would even be further in the lead..

Do Schapelle a favour and stay out of it. The rantings of a self confessed drug dealer are hardly going to help her cause. Apart from fake Thai sticks, what else did you sell : Bad Acid, Angle Dust ?

One reason I don't go to Bali anymore is because it is full of people like you.

Cairns People Our Voice said...

Sassy said...
boring mike this is where I posted it and you have removed content of my post to suit yourself

you need to play nice be nice

copy paste copy paste for my collections the more you write keep it up mike

seems you have not kept up to date

Posted Mon Oct 18, 02:12:36 PM