Wednesday 20 October 2010

Broadband legislation back in Parliament

The Competition and Consumer Safeguards Bill 2009 is being reintroduced into Parliament after it was blocked in the Senate by the Opposition before the election.

Labor says it's an important bill that will help deliver "affordable, high speed broadband services, no matter where they live or work."

"The legislation will allow for the structural separation of Telstra's retail wing from the rest of the company and help foster a more vibrant and competitive telecommunications sector," Prime Minister Julia Gillard says. "We know the NBN is critical to building a stronger, modern and competitive economy and is part of the Government's comprehensive plan to deliver better services especially in the area of E-Health for those in rural and regional towns."

"Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and the Opposition continue to put up roadblocks to delivering the National Broadband Network. Their political stunts are wilfully delaying millions of Australians from getting a fairer deal on broadband and telecommunications services.To find out more about this important Bill read more in Minister Conroy's blog about the Competition and Consumer Safeguards Bill."

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