Monday 18 October 2010

A message from earthquake central Christchurch

Grant writes from Christchurch, six weeks on from the massive 7.1 quake early last month, and 1,900 aftershocks, many substantial in their own right....
  • "Is it never going to end, I know we lived through a big shake 6 weeks ago, but this last couple of days are just nerve wrecking, today we've had a 3.0, a 4.4, a 3.7, and just a few minutes ago a 4.1.

    No good, and each one rocks and rolls its way through the battered city, buildings creak, people freeze, the odd bit of brick or mortar falls and crumbles, and then we carry on.

    It's a hoot, I thought it could make this city an ideal location for people seeking some true-to-life adventure tourism experiences!

    Heard of the new McDonalds Burger deal, called the 'Christchurch Meal-Deal', it comes with a free shake!

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