Thursday 14 October 2010

Probably not the first time a woman faked it

The governor of Schapelle Corby's home in Bali, Kerobokan prison, says that she is faking her mental illness.

At 28 years of age, Corby was sentenced for 20 years in 2005, for importing 4.2kgs of cannabis. She's now appealing for clemency, saying she is suffering from a mental illness.

Corby is due to be released on 12th April 2024. It's a Friday, so she will have the weekend for a rest. She will be out in time to celebrate her 47th birthday.



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Kim said...

Michael P Moore, I'm a nurse, and if I did my job like the majority of Australian journalists, my patients would be dying like flies. Check out "The QANTAS Cover Up" re Schapelle, which will excoriate the dumb/corrupt Aussie media, even more than the current realities of the Lindy Chamberlain case.

And then check out the questions you're too cowardly to ask:

S Corby is innocent said...

Another typical Mike Moore beat up, why bring this up now, when the "news" is weeks old?

Schapelle Corby was denied a fair trial, and denied the means to defend herself, those are FACTS, people like Mike Moore, who use this woman's condition to take the piss, should have this happen to them, then we'd see who gives a fuck.

@ Kim ... unfortunately we're wasting our time with this particular blog owner, he knows nothing about the case, and has taken the piss out of her condition before ... he's a Kiwi too.

Rikk, (you know who)

MG said...

There is no fairness in indonesia only corruption. Indonesia did not like some of the things australia was going to do at the time and so picked a scape goat.

IF you want to know more Mike get educated and read the white paper its still the same as the second world war.......the brisbane line.

having worked with a high security clearance previously in another job and lifetime start asking questions that go way back to the naughty nineties about why we are 'friend's with indonesia.

we play wargames with them at exercises around the country but the main one being in NT. we have done this for a long time. its an intelligence gathering mission and the number of times the govt staff over here were 'accidently' found in restricted areas was unbelievable.

you want to know why we keep them as allies start making the quantum leap about korea and india