Monday 18 October 2010

Cyclists...just go round, OK?

This cleverly-placed road sign was plonked right in the middle of the cycle lane on the Captain Cook Highway.

How's this lovely piece of organisation from the Department of Main Roads - in the middle of
the day between the Machans Beach roundabout and the Barron River bridge, heading South.

Ironically, it's right next to the "Incident Reporting" warning sign.

The Department of Mean Roads, more like it.


Michael Hyams said...

On the subject of the management of the Highway by the CRC, cast your mind back a few months to when the cyclist from JCU lost his life in an accident ot the Trinity Beach Road roundabout. Shortly after this 60 kmh signs started to appear a few metres before each of the roundabouts, presumably in a vain attempt to slow people down approaching the roundabouts. Allthat did was to increase the likelihood of road accidents in the vicinity of the Roundabouts. At that time I was regularly commuting from Clifton Beach to the 89.1 Studios (another story)so I had plenty of occasions to watch people totally ignore the new signs, and overtake me doing the legal 60 and brake very sharply when confronted by the roundabout, or alternatively tail-gate my vehicle with loud blasts of their horn for having the temerity to get in their way and hopefully prevent them from ending up at Cemetery Junction. There was a distinct preponderance of Commercial vehicles, mainly white utes or show-offs in high powered cars. Now Council has installed the cycle lanes on the approaches and exits to roundabouts, which only tends to reduce the chances of an old, slow duffer like me getting out of the way. Talk about taking a sledge hammer to crack a walnut ! I am all for road safety, as`would be any sane citizen, but if the Council had simply reduced the speed limit to 60 from Town to, and perhaps even past Ellis Beach, they would have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble, and given the Police the means of raising lots of cash Which, if properly planned and handled could have saved so many lives, livelihoods, and injuries.

stinhambo said...

What cycle lane? I only see a hard shoulder designed for cars to move onto for emergencies and break downs.

Cycle paths would be off the road where they are safer.