Sunday 31 October 2010

Slugged with costs. Thanks Alan

Justice Jones of the Supreme Court, presiding in Cairns on Friday 29 October, is a knowledgeable and considerate man. When dealing with the defamation suit between Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake and CairnsBlog author, he was clearly aware of the dilemma faced by Michael Moore as an unrepresented defendant.

Justice Jones said that he wouldn’t ever give legal advice to any party, however he pointed out that defamation law was a particularly technical area of the law, meaning that it's ‘complex, rigid, and formal’ in which a party really needs competent legal advice.

At Friday's mention, in the Defamation case bought by Alan Blake who didn't attend the hearing, as he was in China learning the local customs, there were two applications for the Judge to decide on.

First was my application to strike out Councillor Blake’s original claim because of a technical deficiency in the originating document, where there was no soliticor's signature on the document. Judge Jones explained that, while the originating claim had indeed contained an error (failing to include a solicitor’s name in the originating document) that error was now corrected and the Claim remained in force. He gave me the opportunity to either accept that, or argue. Of course I accepted.

Councillor Blake was represented in Court by R.J. Anderson, Counsel from Brisbane, who mentioned something about seeking costs after I accepted this indication.

“How could you justify that? It was your error!” Judge Jones said to Anderson, and got a laugh from those gathered in the public gallery.

Mr Anderson indicated that costs were being sought for the second application, that by Councillor Blake to strike out my initial defence.

Judge Jones observed that I seemed to agree that the original defence was deficient, and that he was willing to see it withdrawn. In fact, I had lodged an affidavit with the court previously, as the Registrar informed, however this was not on a correct form, one of a "notice of discontinuance." I agreed.

Judge Jones went on to say that I appeared to be seeking leave to “re-plead” by filing a new defence. I agreed and said I have been working on the new defence, but needed more time to get it into proper shape. I also asked the judge that he wanted to visit my 89-year-old mother in Christchurch because she was having difficulty coping with the aftermath of the earthquake there, and all the continuing shocks and quakes.

As they do, Judge Jones questioned me about this and suggested that my obligations to Councillor Blake were more important than “a little holiday”, and that I perhaps ought deal with the defence before I left town. Well, I explained that it wasn’t a holiday, and that my concerns for his mother were shared by others in the family, and that was needed there now. Judge Jones accepted this.

Mr Anderson said that his side wasn’t pressing urgently about time, and that they would have no trouble with allowing 21 days.

“How about 42 days?” Judge Jones responded.

"That would be of concern," Mr Anderson said. The learned Judge then consulted his calendar.

He said that 42 days would place the receipt of my new defence at 10 December, a time when no Court would be sitting, and nothing could be done about non-compliance. Judge Jones then set the date for lodging a new defence at 21st January 2011, or 84 days from the mention.

He also awarded costs for Blake’s application against myself, without much argument, and warned again that if I didn’t complete the new defence properly, I would face more costs.

"The law in this area was difficult, and that you need to be very careful," Judge Jones said.

A bill for costs will arrive in due course, and is expected to amount to thousands of dollars. The best guess is in the order of $3,000. I look forward to the on-going support of CairnsBlog readers, as this important case about free speech moves slowly through the legal system. There is a "donate" button on the right-hand side, and I ask everyone to assist in this cause. We will also be running some fund-raisers over the next few months.

As Alan Blake arrives back in Cairns today, I expect he will have the chance to consider the olive branch that I provided just as he jumped on his plane two weeks ago, in the form of an out of court settlement, for the betterment of both parties.

The life of a blogger who wants to tell the stories other won't, is far from plain-sailing when a politician wants to shut debate and criticism down. I look forward to your help and financial support.


John Downer said...

This has nothing to do with "debate and criticism", it's about the defamation laws in this country and the blog owner's responsibility to familiarise himself with said laws and to abide by them.

Your defence seems to be that you have a blog, therefore you should be able to say what you like, about who you like, when you like, which, if it wasn't so tragically naive, would be laughable.

I think too that the $3,000 of which you speak is a vast underestimate, you don't see solicitors driving around in rust buckets.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

There are NO defamation Laws in this country!
First thing I learned about LAW is that the so-called LAW is always speaking, meaning, it is always written in future-tense.
This being the case, there is NO law in the court while you are there, it's impossible.
Probably has something to do with the 9-word law which governs ALL courts worldwide.
"No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court".
Before any of you offer any legal type help to Mike OR anybody else, one should read and study the Universal Legal Technology book of Jeffrey Sciba's, and read it very well.
The link was placed on Cairnsblog last week, and I do believe people are having a field day with it.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

By the way John, this has EVERYTHING to do with debate and criticism!
Are we to blindly accept the ways and whims of every councillor who stuffs up, or does nowhere near the job they were elected to do, or uses their position for leverage to another?
Not on my bloody watch pal!

Unknown said...

Good song for your next court case MM -

What about meeeeeeee, it isn't fair, I've had enough... HA HA HA!

Russ Parker said...

Please, Mr :Kevin-John: Morgan. I don't know where you're getting your expertise from. I googled the bits and pieces you're on about and all I got was some blog site from the USA.

Mate if you are going to start dishing out legal advice then at least start by researching the relevant Queensland statutes. Using your sources would be akin to consulting a Victa lawn mower manual to diagnose a suspension problem with your 2009 Holden Commodore.

How far do you think you'd get in Justice Jones Courtroom quoting opinions from an American blog as law?

I've given evidence in the odd court in my time KJM, and I can assure you that, contrary to your post above, there certainly WAS law in the court on each occasion I was there!



Bryan Law said...

There's no shortage of people who rejoice in the misfortunes of others. You have to be pretty complacent AND ignorant to come across all pious about "obeying the law" when that law works as much to entrench privilege and power as it does to promote justice.

Alan Blake was happy to use Cairns Blog in its early days as a conduit for material damaging to others, and he plays his politics pretty tough. Ask Val. Ask Kevin Byrne. Ask Di Forsyth about Alan's role in the Code of Conduct hearing against her. One of the rules of karma is that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

When Cairns Blog turned its critical attention on Alan Blake, he rang Mike's boss and tried to have him dismissed. How legal that is depends on precisely what Alan said and, of course, because it was hidden with no records kept, Alan gets away with it.

Mike, on the other hand, stands by his published word, and is accountable for it.

While Mike is a bit strong on the hyperbole, I've been impressed by his honesty.

Mary Jane 81, MG, and John Downer are unknown to me, but I don't think much of their arguments which basically amount to "If they've got money, grovel. If they haven't pay out". I hope that one day I get to know them as a result of their constructive work in the community.

I hope for it, but I won't be holding my breath.

John Downer said...

As you said Bryan, you don't know me, and just because I'm not a publicity seeking whore who defaces private property, and jumps into the Inlet wasting emergency services time, you shouldn't presume to know anything about what I do for the community, what I do is private, I don't advertise my good deeds all over town.

How would you like it if I started a campaign slandering you, accusing you of molesting young boys and stealing from the church .... would that be OK by you?

Of course it wouldn't, any campaign against you would need to abide by the laws of the land, and be demonstrably true, otherwise you'd have a great deal to say about it.

Mike went over the top, which is why he has offered to apologise, he can't now be hypocritical and claim he was right in everything he said.

This isn't about holding Blake to account, it's about publishing unsubstantiated accusations.

I've no doubt Blake has a lot to answer for, but I won't be accusing him of anything I can't prove, and that includes rumours and innuendo.

Bryan Law said...

John...a touch of reality if you please. If you accused me of kiddy fiddling, you simply would not be believed, and your own reputation would suffer. As it should.

Comment if you please on MG's comment on "Blogger in Supreme Court" that "one must start to assume MM that you have been rebuffed by blake or are jealous as he is not interested in you 'that way'". Fabricated charges based on sexuality in a low, course manner.

I've been waiting for you to get all het up about "the wanton disgrace", but of course it's a slander you agree with - and therefore alright.

I guess that's why you must call me a "publicity seeking whore".

Compared to you, a whore is both honest and chaste. I guess that's why you hide from the light.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Hey Russ Parker, anyone who uses Google to get answers, has already missed the boat entirely.
If I want to know the facts, I usually go the source, NOT other people's opinons, which is what screws the world.
I only deal in facts matey, I'm sure if you search hard and long enough they're out there....but certainly not where you are looking!
There are people in jail who truly should be there, but the major percentage of inmates are there via some dumb-arse lawyer's dirty tricks, or some "legal opinion" from some jerk who says he's studied LAW.
Where, in the courtroom have you ever seen or heard a "Legal Fact"?
People who spout opinions can never spout facts, and you happen to be in that category.
Thanks for letting us know.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

Regardless of who believes what and whether Mike was doing the right thing or make a huge mistake there is one simple fact that can't be ignored. Mike, you need a lawyer. I know you have little funds and are fundraising via this blog and whatever other methods you or Brian can cook up but realistically, whatever the cash in your pocket, get a lawyer now!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I will post the link once AGAIN for those who missed it.
This is NOT American Law stuff, it is Universal information to let you know that ALL courts around the globe are of neutral territory, and you're all being screwed up the proverbial.
Every every court is International in character. The laws governing the courtroom are controlled through the Law of the Flag.
Bring in a different flag, and you have a different jurisdiction.
There are NO Australian or Queensland flags in Queensland courts...why?
The Supreme Court here also has a cartoon above the judges head, what a joke.
I'ts not called Law here, it's called EXTORTION, via RAPE & APARTHEID, and you're all signing on to it each day, by arguing with each other in Adverb/Verb with NO FACTS, and you don't even know that you don't know!
Leave that open for the bloggers with a mouth and not a mind!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

OOPS!! forgot to add the link:

Unknown said...

Word on the street is, that you will be looking at no less that $50k. Some say defamation cases are for the rich and famous. I suppost one can become rich by selling BBQs also..

Bryan Law said...

James, $50k is the standard price (give or take) for representation through a case that goes through court before it's settled. It would involve pleadings from Counsel, solicitors to organise the material, research, and the hearing itself.

The costs awarded last Friday were for the application made by Blake to strike out Mike's "defence" (used here as a technical term to describe the form lodged under the Uniform Rules of Civil Procedure). So Mike will be asked to pay for Mr Anderson's work in arguing the application, his expenses to travel from Brisbane to Cairns, accommodation, time in Court, and ancillary costs of FNQ Legal. $3,000 would seem more than adequate, but we all await the actual itemised account.

Blake (and anyone who is able to use defamation law) uses the threat of costs to hurt Mike, and to threaten him with bankruptcy and personal disaster. It is a tool of the privileged.

I've undertaken to help raise funds for Mike, and it's certainly my feeling that those funds need to be spent first on quality legal advice. I'll be running a movie night, and I hope all will come both to support Mike, and to affirm the importance of robust political discourse in Cairns.

It's also my intention to hold Alan Blake to account for his behaviour in this and other matters. I believe that Alan Blake represents much that is wrong with our political system. He attacks folk he ought be working with. He creates discord for personal political gain. He holds a contemtuous view of the voters, and a far too high opinion of himself.

As the Council elections roll around, I think Alan Blake needs to be exposed and opposed for his bad behaviour. He needs to be handed a sound political defeat.

John Downer said...

@ Bryan Law

"I've been waiting for you to get all het up about "the wanton disgrace", but of course it's a slander you agree with - and therefore alright."

It wasn't so long ago that Mike allowed a post on here calling someone a paedophile, Mike probably thought it was funny, so why should I be bothered about a joke from MG?

"Compared to you, a whore is both honest and chaste. I guess that's why you hide from the light."

How very UN-Christian of you Bryan, as usual.

John Downer said...

@ Bryan Law

I missed this from your earlier post ...

"Alan Blake was happy to use Cairns Blog in its early days as a conduit for material damaging to others"

Is this true?

Did Mike allow him to do it?

Do you have any links?

Michael P Moore said...

Yes "John Downer" - that's absolutely true what Bryan and others has said.

In the run up to the March 2008 election (especially during 2007 to mid 2008) I enjoyed a healthy friendship and fluid dialogue of communication with Councillor Blake.

He provided much information about his "opponents" (Byrne especially) at the time, admittedly some of it wasn't earth-shattering, but usually always helpful in sticking it to those he wanted to attack behind the veil of CairnsBlog. Alan often didn't deliver on some promises (secret files on the Byrne's baby - the Duyfken - springs to mind), never the less, he was very welcoming and accommodating in his Furniture Associates office, especially in the downstairs election bunker.

I went to lunch and coffee with Alan and his cohorts on numerous occasions.

Ahh, those were the days.

John Downer said...

So you allowed Blake to use your blog to attack those you and he didn't like or agree with.

Can you see the hypocrisy here Mike?

Maybe you should dig all his posts up, they may help with your defence.

KitchenSlut said...

I am prepared to declare that I have had some personal problems with the honesty of Alan Blake.

I am not always proud of my own behaviour and have my own experience of depression. However, unlike the Councillor, I blamed nobody but myself.

I had some email and other correspondence with Blake folowing his election and voted for him. This was not very positive and mostly just political spin.

Subsequently an email corrspondence to Councillors with a read receipt was read by Alan while away on a sojourn. However, on his return to Cairns I received an objectionable reply that i had mucked him to fellow Councillors while he was away behind his back (think actually it may have been the tennis in Melbourne?)

Clearly, this was a deliberate lie?

Unknown said...

Well I'm definitely a right wing leaning person. I come to this site because I find it very interesting to know what the left side of this town is thinking. I believe in the yin and yang of left / right leaning politics.
I dont agree with alot of what I read but it will piss me right off if it dissappears.
I think this defamation case is pathetic, and a total load of bullshit.

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks Peter.

To put CairnsBlog in the "left" box misrepresents the aim or purpose of my blog.

I'll take aim at whoever I see fit - regardless of where they sit on the political pendulum.

I can look back at what I've written since 2007 around local politics and issues on importance to our collective communities, and feel reasonably proud that I've covered subject other media haven't, and also haven't to the the same degree and depth. I don't have any high horse over and above any other media, God forbid, but comparing when there's just me and not an entire newsroom with resources, I can feel justly proud to have opened the lid on discussion in a way others don't or can't.

For the record, there's many articles here critising Val's crazy rate hikes and her bid for a tourism tax, and also exposes on the so-called right, as recently as the outing of Warren Entsch's media officer and her perceived conflict with media companies her business now may not pay debts to. Even the Cairns Post failed to mention her LNP connection!

Regardless, I thank you for your rationale words of common sense and hope that this "defamation" case can be sorted like grown-ups.

I should tell you that when I did the story on Danae Jones, a senior member of the LNP telephoned me immediately and asked for a (small) correction, which I obliged without debate.

I wish Councillor Blake would have extended a similar courtesy and engagement over a year ago when he felt aggrieved etc. Instead, he when on a campaign, telephoning my employer and engaged in other activities to attack me instead of contacting me directly. Oddly enough, on one former occasion around Feb 2008, Blake did call me at around 10pm at night, threatening me in a rather hostile voice, to take some comments down that a reader had posted. I obliged. That incident is also recorded on CairnsBlog. I'll dig out the link later.

Former mayor Byrne also exercised the same engagement, instead of running off to the Supreme Court. However that's a whole nother story!

MG said...

I suggest all you others on this site go back over the last 18 months to the links MM has for past postings on this site about blake.

I have and if MM had said about me what he posted about blake I would have rung his employer and asked questions too.

Recently a 'little bird' whispered to me that MM's previous employer - looked into the times of postings MM made on the blog and checked if it was during 'work' time.

Turns out that MM was using 'company time' of his employer to upkeep this blog. An internal check was followed which showed MM's productivity at work was 'the blog'.

maybe you would be more enlightened if my previous posts about original photos posted with an article about blake 'staying overnight' which were removed and 'photoshop' photos that appeared on this blog after someone posted that the times and date were not overnight

seems that and a few other posts I have made are removed as they are not supportive of MM's "cause" pity they were emailed to me and I have the original page and also the photoshop page..........ooops

a lot of ooops have appeared on this seems...........and all of them add up to fabrication with intent to mislead the readers........and defamation with what was written

keep digging back in the site and read the articles which MM so wants us to read in his collection and you will be amazed at what you will find

you will also find that dates of postings and content of my other posts have been misused to misinform the unsuspecting readers of this blog with incorrect and inconsistent reporting for the aim of making MM look good..........doesnt

MM has falsely reported and doctored photos of blake's parked car and other information in the blog

MM has changed my posts and deleted content of the posts.........I have proof of such as I copy and paste all of my posts before publication.............ooops again MM

on your awarded costs think more than $3000 more like the courts mentioned around $15000

Unknown said...

Your just so innocent hey MM?

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

You know what is really funny is that the 'left' slant in political persuasion believe this blog to be right wing and they read to see what the 'right' side are thinking. I guess that means you really are somewhere in the middle Mike.

kate said...

I have heard people denounce this site as CB frequently posts articles submitted by those from the more right wing of politics - e.g. Entsch.

Yet, the overall impression I have gleaned from MM, is that he will publish anything from everyone - within reason.

Therefore, I can only conclude that those from the left are not directly submitting information here. If so, I am assuming that it might be perceived by some pollies as "safer" to ignore this site.

After all, with conventional media outlets, the pollies are not placed in the position of having to respond to direct enquiries for all to see.

John Downer said...

This blog is quite clearly to the right politically, and slightly to the left socially.

Bryan Law said...

Neither left, nor right, but way out in front!

Matt CYP said...

Seems to me the blog is open to views from the Right in opposition (LNP, Entsch, ex-LNP Independents), and also open to views from the progressive Left in opposition (Greens, environmentalists of various kinds, anti-Bligh unionists, activists), and is generally open minded - except when it comes to Labor in government - then it is relentlessly anti-Labor - anti-establishment in fact, if Labor can be considered "establishment" after a decade in power in Qld.

Jim Turnour, Labor State MP's, & Val are routinely bagged - but that's the blogger's prerogative, and no one's complaining.

On the other subject - I hope Alan Blake calls the dogs off - there may be a strong backlash against him at the next election otherwise.

Bryan Law said...

Matt, I admire your loyalty to the ALP, but I really think you need to stick to the facts and face reality square on.

First, Jim Turnour hasn't been routinely bagged since he lost his seat. He has indeed been forgotten.

Val hasn't been bagged at all as far as I can tell.

Labor has been in power in Queensland for 18 years out of the last 21, and has "established" a powerful influence in the public service through its patronage and control over appointments. I find Nuttal indistinguishable from Hinze. Bligh IS Bjelke-Petersen with a purse.

I notice you don't answer the question "How might Labor be brought to a better practice of social justice and community inclusion?"

I have a plan. It involves keeping Tim Grau (AWU) OUT of Parliament, and sending Steve Wettenhall and Jason O'Brien to join him in private life. It's the same plan I have for Alan Blake. If you've got a better plan, I'd love to hear it.

Warren Entsch said...

Jason's contribution is to eat seafood and talk down at everyone? Feeds his kids junk so expect no health for anyone in his electorate, but more palliative care?
Pisshead too?
Bad luck as well?

Unknown said...

What a totally misleading headline.

You a still having a go at Blake.

If you accuse and make false statements about someone in public (whether it be a news article or on a blog site), it is not a defence to say "it's OK, its blog site, they have different rules.

Oh no they don't.

Your defence must prove;

1. You never made those statements, or,
2. They, (the statements0), are true.

Simple as that.

How can you defend yourself when you have offered an apology?

That in itself is an admission of guilt.

I am also aware of the "doctored" photos.

These photos were used to prove some point in your blog article denigrating Blake and Hull.
They were altered to make your story more damaging to the parties involved.

That is not "the cut and trust of political journalism", it is deliberate forgery, a criminal act.

You also accused me of using my Council computer when I posted as "FACTMAN" during the 2008 Council elections.

Noel Briggs questioned me extensively about the Council "email" to John O'Grady purporting to have my name on it that you PUBLISHED on this blog.

It was only when we hovered the mouse over my name on that published "email" that the electronic fingerprint of Margret Cochrane showed up.

In other words, you "doctored" my email to O'Grady to make a false allegation against me.

You are not a very nice person, Michael Moore.
What goes around comes around.

Maybe Blake will accept whatever equity you have left on you Rutherford Street unit in return for your permanent departure to where you came from, being Christchurch I believe.

You will be of more use over there. You have no further use here.

Cairns has had enough of you and your vindictive lying and hurtful crap.

Murray Langdale

John Downer said...

I've seen no denial from MM over doctored photos and emails ... is there going to be one, or are these accusations true?

Bryan Law said...

Oh dear! MG, John Downer, maryjane81, and now Murray... they all write the same kind of thing - a personal attack on Michael, and in defence of Alan Blake.

What a sad culture we live in that such maunderings can be paraded as relevant comment. The biggest threat to parasites like these is that they kill the host.

I'm hoping that the trinity of faux outrage and fabricated "forgeries" are really one person - just because the idea of three like you in one small city is too depressing to contemplate.

At least Murray shows signs of being a real person, and I agree that ANY fingerprints (electronic or otherwise)of the Cockie are likely to be deeply disturbing. But Murray, c'mon, if all you want is to celebrate Michael's demise, why bother?

From memory you used to delight in offending people from the coward's castle we poor ratepayers fund. You claimed both an insider's knowledge, and God's infallibility. I used to enjoy your chutzpa.

You ought be grateful for the opportunity. If you came undone, man up and take the consequences.

At least Alan has the courage to stand for election, and Mike to publish in his own name. Take a stand! Get a life! Say something interesting - I dare you!

John Downer said...

@Bryan Law

Did you ever learn to read at school?

You did attend school at some stage in your life?

Why do you constantly mis-represent what people are saying on here?

Show me where I have attacked Mike.

As far as you're concerned, if you don't blindly back him, you must be against him, a bit like that pathetic religion of yours, based not on facts, but blind faith in the face of contrary facts.

I'm neutral in this, and if you can't see that, you're a bigger idiot than even I give you credit for, and that takes some doing, believe me!

I don't like Blake, and I believe MM has been rather stupid and naive, having criminals like you advising him doesn't help either.

I asked a simple question earlier, after the same accusations were made by two people, and I repeat it ...

"I've seen no denial from MM over doctored photos and emails ... is there going to be one, or are these accusations true?"

That is not an attack on MM, it's a question, a neutral question.

I know you're incapable of being neutral Bryan, or even-handed, but don't project your prejudices onto me.

Bryan Law said...

If you're neutral "John", I'm Alan Blake. Who are you? Why are you so keen to muddy the waters?

John Downer said...

I really don't give a fuck what you think, say or do Bryan, this is a public blog, here for people to comment as they see fit, if MM didn't want comments he wouldn't have allowed them.

I'm also quite sure he doesn't want the place filled only with arse-lickers like yourself, to the exclusion of everyone else.

So you have your say, and I'll have mine, and if that's not OK with you, tough!

Unknown said...

I have made one posting on this thread MM and that was under my real name, Murray Langdale.

I do not have a clue who John Downer, MG or Bryan Law are.


John Downer said...

I see another post of mine has been deleted, why is that?

I repeat: I don't give a fuck what you say, think or do Bryan, this is a public blog where people are invited to comment, if Mike didn't want it that way he would never have enabled comments.

I'm sure too that he doesn't want this place inhabited solely by arse-lickers like you to the exclusion of everyone else.

Having said that, the way he consistently deletes my posts does seem to suggest otherwise.

Michael P Moore said...

"John Downer" (not her real name) - please settle down. I have deleted no comments at all.

As you probably understand, commenters have access to remove / amend their own comments posted, a priveldge with the new system.

I suspect you're having fun in Holloways Beach playing some odd cyber game with your notorious artist friend by your side.

Maybe one too many red wines tonight?

John Downer said...

"I suspect you're having fun in Holloways Beach playing some odd cyber game with your notorious artist friend by your side."

So I'm still Blake, or someone else now?

As I said before, you have absolutely no idea who I am, or where I live, and the last time I was in Holloways Beach was in 2002 when my daughter and her family were over from Dunedin and rented a house there for their holidays.

I actually find your obsession with trying to identify people quite sinister.

Bryan Law said...

Mr Bummer sed "I actually find your obsession with trying to identify people quite sinister". Do you mean left-handed.

Because if U do, in the context of the earlier discussion on political wings, it will be the first intelligent thing you've sed - and I'd like to give U due recognition.

MG said...

Well to fan the fire I will add that I sent a request to ask for help to add photos to this blog and was denied any reply............

oh thats right because I am in possession of the photos before and after "doctoring"

seems that MM got very worried from my earlier posts here and deleted for over a week anything that was "damaging" to him and did not post it


printed parts of my posts and not the full content........copy paste is a wonderful old invention that has proven true here as I have proof of MM changing my posts

like John I am neutral here and cannot believe the other people who were posting here live in Cairns and behave in this manner that has occurred on this blog

I have not stalked or harrassed MM though its public knowledge where he lives and where he need to be a genius to learn this........only have to sit at cafiend and listen

lets look at the stalking and harrassment of blake over the articles of fabrication in this blog

oh and thats right its all proof for the court

dont worry about deleting all that evidence now MM there is a digital imprint and a trail that can be followed

how will you prove to the court your innocence when its fact in your blog that you defamed blake and others

lets have a call to all those other poor souls who have been "doctored" by the owner of the blog MM

come on in and let us all know how its affected your lives and how fabrication untruths and altered photos have damaged your personal life, career, relationships

oh and on another matter MM lets find a way to post the original photos which you have and that I am in possession of ......and the photos you 'reprinted' with "doctoring"on the blog

this is the same photos that were taken the night that 4 tyres were slashed on blake's car as well

lets all have a say in this and discover how nasty MM became when he realised the 'power' of being able to write a law unto himself on this blog because he 'owned' it

I am a staunch supporter of wrongdoing and injustice and hope that next time MM that you put fingers to the keyboard that you will think first rather than act later

John Downer said...

Is this your blog Bryan?

You act as though it is.

Are you feeling guilty for all the shit advice you've been giving MM?

Was it an attempt to have a friend in prison with you when the law finally catches up with you?

Michael P Moore said...

Hey "MG" ... Yawn

rainier wolfcastle the turd said...

Hey MG (emm gee)

I know someone else who frequents this blog - or used too - who loves a good conspiracy yarn ;-)

Maybe you two should together and do the thing!

Bryan Law said...

Time to end the tedium.

MG admitted that "like John, I am neutral". Yup! Just like John.

Hunter S Thompson told a story about LBJ running for Governor of Texas, and deciding to slander his opponent by suggestion he was a cow-fucker. LBJ's campaign manager objected, saying they couldn't prove the allegation, to which LBJ replied "It'll be enough if we can just make him deny it". Same situation here. MG, Mr Bummer, Pothead and Murray want Mike to start denying stuff - because denial carries with it the possibility of guilt. It's just a distraction.

The reality is that Councillor Alan Blake has behaved very, very badly - and now he threatens court action and bankruptcy to stop Mike from making a public issue of it. Mike has done us all a service, and he deserves our support in this matter. The possibility of holding politicians to account must be kept alive in Cairns.

MG and John get so upset by anyone defending Mike that they resort to name-calling of the most juvenile kind (at the same time as they pretend to abhor name-calling). "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me".

Vindictive court action can hurt. Threats to employment can hurt.

That's it from me on this thread. Check out my Soap Blog this Saturday for some real politics.

John Downer said...

Bryan Law gets so upset by anyone not defending Mike that he resorts to name-calling of the most juvenile kind (at the same time as he pretends to abhor name-calling). "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me".

"The reality is that Councillor Alan Blake has behaved very, very badly - and now he threatens court action and bankruptcy to stop Mike from making a public issue of it."

The reality is that Blake has done no such thing. There are many comments about him on here that are not contained in the defamation case, the ones highlighted by him should never have been posted without absolute proof that they were true, something MM has failed to do.

We know of Bryan Law's utter contempt for the law, and his feeling that laws don't exist for him and/or his mates.

Luckily for those of us who are law-abiding, this is not a majority view.

Bryan Law and his ilk are a pox on ordinary everyday law-abiding citizens, and the fact that he hides behind a veneer of self righteousness makes it even worse.

Michael P Moore said...

Welcome back Murray Langdale - or should I call you... "Not much Fact man."

We missed you.. really we did.

The only reason you're rattled, I'm guessing is that you were - eventually - exposed behind your "Factman" persona. Whoopie. Wasn't hardly the case of the century to crack, nevertheless, you provided some wonderful stimulus and Byrne Love Fest for a few months.

At least your contributions in the lead-up to the 08 Council election were peppered with fact and substance - hardly what we can say with the new anti-blog crew. Maybe you can change that.. however your initial contribution is a bit poor Muzza... surely you can do better than go only about "doctored photos"?

Sorry that Edgar, I mean Noel Briggs put you through the wringer.

You most certainly seem all flustered and dischevelied at the moment. Did you and the gang of three have a welcome home from China Party last night?

Regarding the claim that I "make false statements about someone in public office".. well - please my dear boy, name what you're referring to. What false statement/s? That out pollys lie? Surely not!?

Please write again soon. Send cake.

Unknown said...

"It wasn't me your honor, it was my blog personality that said those horrible things about Blake".

You just don't get it do you Michael.

You cannot alter the facts by date changing photographs to embellish a story that brings harm and ridicule to others. That is unlawful.

A word of advice.

I believe the "olive branch" that you are offering would be possibly accepted if,

1. the keys to your apartment together with a deed of gift from yourself to Blake together with,
2. a receipt for a one way ticket back to NZ and a M.O.U. that you would never return ...

may, and only may, just be acceptable.


Michael P Moore said...

Murray, are you sleeping with Alan? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

What Murray? You can't alter any facts and photographs to change a story??? Poppycock, what about Hollywood?
Murdoch's papers also do it on a daily basis, and people like you read it and believe it!
I should know, I was removed from the newspaper world for letting the Facts get in the way of good stories.
You stay right where you are Mike, the minute Alan Blake steps out in public, there is a grubby little summons awaiting his grubby little hands.
Dan Vowles said it correctly.
There are things you DON'T know being taught to our children as we speak, which will spin your heads, and the "old farts", who were, and are actually the same ones who put the world in the bad shape it's in, thanks to their idiotic and bastardised language methods, will have to learn this new technology or be swept under the rug of obscurity with our vinyl records.
I began the study 12 years ago, and I just can't stop correcting contracts everywhere I go.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

This John Downer "chap" or woman has NO idea about Blake.."The reality is that Blake has done no such thing".
Where do these people come from?
Were you bullied at school?
Were you a bully at school?
Are you bullied by Blake.
I openly and honestly dare Alan Blake to sue me for anything, and I will say what I like about the mongrel to his face...I don't need a blog.
He can take his fancy sports car and his suit and shove it where I do believe it will fit!
Alan Blake is not fit to be a councillor of Cairns.
Downer? Your Adverb/Verb tirades against people get more and more hypocritical each day they arrive.

John Downer said...

@ K-J M ...... just for you dear ...

Brain Damage

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

The lunatic is in my head.
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear.
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Roger Waters

John Downer said...

"I openly and honestly dare Alan Blake to sue me for anything, and I will say what I like about the mongrel to his face...I don't need a blog."

Of course you'd say it to his face you coward, because there's nothing he can do about it .... try saying it on a blog, or another form of public media, then we'll see how far your nonsense gets you.

Read up on Blake's deposition and repeat all the points he's suing Mike for, I dare you.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Jesus H Christ John Downer, you truly prove that one can insult their own intelligence just by opening their mouth, or in your case, the left side of the brain.
The right brain in your head is obviously dormant, and you are also proving to be one of those who believe the sun comes up every day, and that the earth is flat!
We've all read Mr Blakes so-called depositions (No Positions), which prove that he cannot read or write nor pass exams without cheating!
God almighty knows that we've done this many times before and we'll do it again, just to piss people like you right off.
I love pissing people off, it's a hobby of mine now that I have completed my studies, something you are unfamiliar with it seems.
Time to crawl back into your little Fiction shell where you live and love reading the paper to remain in Adverb/Verb, which is also a LIE!
You are also it seems, having difficulty in sorting the Truth from Fiction, and in that area, you truly need to go back and study English, preferably with an English Professor, not the State morons.
I think we should come and see if you're actually helping Blakey???

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Thanks for the Pink Floyd lyrics John. Great song!
Fortunately, you have sent the lyrics of a song written about British Parliamentarians, which of course Aussie musicians play about our own parliamentary clowns.
Did you by any chance ring Roger Waters, or write to him and ask permission to reprint his lyrics?
NO! I'll bet your tiny mind didn't even stop to think to read what is written on the legals of the CD.
Just like you, always jumping to conclusions with assumptions and presumptions...sure you don't work in government or the police?

John Downer said...

The lunatic is in the blog
The lunatics are in the blog
Remembering days of Verbs Adverbs and Nouns
Why does Mike keep the lunatic around?

There really is no hope for you, except maybe a lobotomy.

Why don't you accept my challenge and repeat the defamation against Blake online or in another public medium?


Come on, you're so confident your Adverb/Verb crap will see you through, let's see you put it to the test.

Defame Blake in public, like Mike did, and then let's see you get out of it.

Your bollocks did Mike no good, did it?

PS: Roger Waters is a personal friend, has been since the early 70's when I was Pink Floyd's tour manager, so I'm sure he won't mind.

Unknown said...

When I was the Rolling Stones Tour manager back in the 80's we had 2 great support acts. One was called "the name droppers" and the other one "the big noters".

As my mate keith used to say :

"it is great to be here. It is great to be anywhere" !

John Downer said...

Wow "Nick" what a big man you are, posting your off-topic bile from the safety of your keyboard .... care to meet up?

Of course this post will be deleted, whereas yours will be allowed to stand, such is the way of this blog.

Unknown said...

J"ohn Downer said .... care to meet up?"

Are you inviting me for a drink at the Yacht Club ?

You like to dish it out yourself from the safety of your keyboard using various pseudonyms, but it looks like you can't take it.

And why bother posting on this blog, since you are so sure you are not been given fair treatment ? Haven't you got something better to do ?

Anyway I might go fishing now. I am quite good at. You take the bait every time.

John Downer said...

I'm inviting you to say to my face what you're brave enough to say from the safety of your keyboard, a typical keyboard warrior.

Of course you won't, cowards like you never do.

Your kids must be proud of their dad, what a role model you are to them, they'll obviously grow up to be loud-mouthed cowardly turds like their father.

Any time you feel like leaving your yellow streak at home, come down to the Yacht Club and look me up.

Dan Vowles said...

Sounds like we got as title bout at the Yacht Club.

Blake V Moore for the championship.

Nick V Downer for the undercard?

I'll be the ref, cause I don't to miss it.

Only rules are, leave your weapons at home and only bring your pride and real names....

Unknown said...

I"'m inviting you to say to my face what you're brave enough to say from the safety of your keyboard, a typical keyboard warrior."

I might just do that. And you are of course not dishing out dirt from behind the safety of a keyboard and pseudonyms ? "No Blake Lover", "Schapelle Corby is Innocent" and now "John Downer".

If you are as rude and aggressive in real life as on in this blog, then you must be a very unpleasant person. But maybe blogging just brings the worst out of otherwise rational and nice people ?

I don't have kids by the way, which makes your previous post even more irrelevant than usual.

Do they have a bar yet in the Yacht Club or do I bring my own ?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Must be why Pink Floyd got a new tour manager, because you can't read or write?
Your description of the Adverb/Verb
crap, is the exact description of what you wrote to this blog, which 100% proves your lack of basic intelligence, possibly another reason for the lack of a job with Pink Floyd.(subject matter)
You did not even read my letter correctly, because it was written entirely in ADVERB/VERB.
There are NO Nouns anywhere on this blog, can't you get it yet?
And before you all rant off about this subject, first bring me a Noun in any newspaper, magazine, blog, etc, etc, brought forward and certified by the Prepositional-Phrase we should use, which are also banned at school!!!
Got any ideas on this one John?
You people who hold the belief that you can string words together to form some sort of argument, topic or denial, are already in denial by continuing to "sign" documents with a cursive signaure (simulation of a person), and those documents are written completely in Adverb/Verb.
Don't believe me? Go ask a Judge or Barrister, get the facts man!
Your un-intelligent use of the bastardised language you call English, also proves you would make a perfect candidate for the "legal or political fraternity", and it IS a fraternity/club.
I would invite you to one of my seminars, but I doubt anyone would get a word in with you around.

Unknown said...

"Dan Vowles said...

Sounds like we got as title bout at the Yacht Club."

How about a drinking competition instead ?

Unknown said...

"Dan Vowles said...

Sounds like we got as title bout at the Yacht Club."

How about a drinking competition instead ?