Friday 15 October 2010

Banksy's Exit a must-see movie

Jesse from TimeOUT told me this was the one movie of the year that I must see.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a guerrilla-style look at non-conformist contemporary and street art. Director Banksy present a unique documentary chronicling the rise of graffiti and street art, that is comedic and poignant. Exit makes for an amazing and wildly entertaining ride, and not only for graffiti lovers.
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Gavin Bland said...

Both correct. The most interesting, stimulating and entertaining film I've seen this year.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the idea of turning boring 'cell block' city decore into changable exterior artworks. I was delighted to find Philadelphia had dedicated areas for street artists and the majority of the work is brilliant.
The Qld.Gov invested $$$ on decorating railway engines...then they spend $$$ on removing graffiti from the exterior of the carrages. Hmmm- perhaps if they gave the street artists a little time they could save some money?
Just a thought.

Michael P Moore said...

I really enjoyed the movie / doco last night Vickie..... Jesse's recommendation was right on the mark.... funny, incitement and some gripping and important street art.


Anonymous said...

Thank the lord that there are some of us who consider Street art to be worthwhile and yes, it IS important as visible social commentary. It is, in my mind, the partner of rap. I find some (not all) rap to be pretty amazing stuff. As a poet, I am astounded by the choice of words used and the speed at which these poets think on their feet. I write quickly but they leave me for dead!
Viva all spectrums of Street Art.