Thursday 14 October 2010

Blog comment registration now active

As mentioned last week, I have now introduced a registration system for those that contribute comments to CairnsBlog.

I've done this due to the volume of comments and also to stop the anonymous contributions that seem to prevail.

It is a further way to manage comments and also those that wish to use the blog for abuse, attack or personal vendetta, instead of contributing any meaningful debate.

Whilst it won't stop such comments, it will mean that people who make no effort by simply typing in a made-up name and clicking send, won't be able to anymore. Contributors can of course register any name or pseudonym to post comments.

You can get a registration to post comments, via Google, or various other online services that use an OpenID account (Yahoo, MySpace etc).

With the introduction of comment registration, I also introduce a demerit system, that will can lead to banning for repeat offenders. You can follow those who have demerit points awarded. These will be based on, among others, trolling, impersonating, gross abuse, multiple IDs, slander and lies, sheer nastiness, and of course, visceral loathing of the blog owner!

Enjoy and comment away!

1 comment:

MG said...

oh you forgot to mention 'off topic' in open debate lol of all areas

plus if your posts are not liked by MM then you are automatically awarded demerit points and your post isnt even posted!!!

PLEASE EXPLAIN a famous redhead said..............