Friday 15 October 2010

Three more cases of Dengue in Townsville

Townsville residents are being urged to prevent breeding of dengue fever mosquitoes following the confirmation of three locally-acquired dengue cases in Railway Estate today.

The dengue fever type 2 cases, which are all from the same household, follow 10 other dengue type 2 cases from an outbreak which started in Hermit Park in late June.

Tropical Regional Services’ Public Health Medical Officer Dr Steven Donohue is concerned Townsville could be seeing the start of multiple, persistent and large outbreaks across the city.

“Railway Estate is an older suburb, and has seen intense dengue activity in the past. With an expected early wet season this year, these new cases are a major worry,” said Dr Donohue. "This is a crucial reminder for Townsville residents to take action against dengue mosquitoes, which only breed in water containers around people’s homes. It is important everyone — individuals as well as businesses — get rid of mosquito breeding sites around the yard and workplace. We want to ensure people work together as a community to avoid a bigger outbreak.”

Dengue mosquitoes only breed around homes and in urban areas and not in swamps or creeks.

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