Sunday 17 October 2010

How to be Kiwi, funny, full of innuendo, and piss people off, all at the same time

A pint-sized furry puppet called Rico, touted as a 'frequent and furry flyer, is upsetting a lot of loyal Air New Zealand fans, as the renown adventurous advertiser again shocks.

"Rico", who has a broken grasp of English, has already appeared in two video adverts, largely intended for social networking, with three more to be released on Wednesday this week.

Rico is used to subtly promote the
new premium economy spaceseat on the 777-300. He uses
loads of misconstrued sexual innuendo and racial puns, as a result of his accent.
Personally, I
cant get enough of this potty mouth puppet. He's so cute.

Rico says he likes "t
ravelling to everywhere, meating the friend. Relapsing in nice place, writing the book and taking away photo. Lhama polo."

Some of his lines....
"I love her bush - it's amazing!".. "All we need now is a nice Kiwi beach (pronounced 'bitch')".... and "I can feel her wind, she's blowing you"...
"You can lick the crack" and "The screen is like a woman, and you must be gentle with her…put your finger here and touch her lightly... I go back to touching mine."

Hes's also done an video interview, talking about his book, "Beating off the track. Rico's guide to New Zealand."
Here's the first two advertisements. As an ex-pat Kiwi, I approve of these adverts. The first is called "
Happy Hour"...

The Intimate Art of Touch...

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Cairns People Our Voice said...

Its not the greatest add NZ has ever done.........cute critter