Thursday 28 October 2010

Have you received a dodgy SMS?

Recently a few of my readers have said they're getting these random SMS messages.

They don't have any originating number at all, which is odd, although I suspect they can be traced.

This has all the hallmarks of the infamous planned Mojo business that didn't get off the ground. Based on SMS systems overseas, a message is sent out to mobiles within a certain physical area, advertising products / services, often with a click through to a website.

However, these messages don't appear to have a 'call to action.'

Have you received a similar missive?


Carl Butcher said...

I got one of these yesterday from "Godfrey's" advertising their sale. If this is the new form of spam it's going to be pretty annoying. I hope ACMA finds some way of blocking this.

John Downer said...

This is f*cked!

If I start getting these I will be exacting revenge on the businesses concerned.