Thursday 14 October 2010

'We haven't given a cent to the Labor Party' - Electrical Trades Union

The Electrical Trades Union is adamant that it will not financially support the Queensland Labor Party, whilst it maintains it's privatisation agenda.

The State Secretary for the Electrical Trades Union, Peter Simpson, says political donations to the Queensland Labor Party has been stopped.

"The ETU/CEPU (Electrical Trades and Communications, Electrical, Plumbing Unions) Political Disclosure form for 2010 was $0.00, as per our commitment," Peter Simpson says.

"We have not donated one cent to the Australian Labor Party, nor will we be."

"Given the events of this week, I intend taking the argument up at the November State Council for debate, given my public statements this week in Townsville, " Peter Simpson says. "We will also have another debate on this at the November meeting of organisers."

Yesterday, four unions plastered newspaper advertisements, telling the State Government to stop the sale of the rail company QR National. Queensland's Liberal National Party leader John-Paul Langbroek said the fees paid by union members are going to the ALP.

"Tear up your membership - the Labor party has sold you out," he said. "Your union bosses are only concerned about their own future and the union bosses are clearly only concerned with the future of Anna Bligh and the Labor party. They are not representing you as members."

$47,000 was given to the Labor Party by the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) in July, however they say it's only for affiliation fees and not donations.

"We have not ruled out cutting ties with Labor in the future," Owen Doogan said. "We have considered it but the decision of my branch council was not only would we fight privatisation publicly, we would also fight privatisation inside the ALP."

Last evening's Channel 10 news reported that unions fighting privatisation were still throwing money into ALP coffers.

Langbroek's generic statement has angered the ETU, when he said unions opposed to the State Government's asset sales are still giving money to the ALP.

"It's very convenient for the Tories to be advocating to union members to rip up their tickets," Peter Simpson says. "John Paul Langbrook is peddling this rubbish out in the press," Peter Simpson said.

Local ETU organiser, Stuey Traill says that they are relying on local union members to educate the public.

"We need people to know that the ETU/CEPU Queensland has not donated a cent to the ALP since privatisation," Stuey Traill says. "As a Union we are affiliated to the ALP. This decision was taken by rank and file members at our 2009 Branch Conference, prior to the privatisation announcement."

Traill says the decision to re-affiliate or not, will be voted on by "rank and file" members representing all industries in May 2011.

"The ETU prides itself on rank and file making decisions on the direction of our union," Stuey Traill said. "The 2011 Branch Conference debate on Affiliation will definitely be a lively one.

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