Tuesday 26 October 2010

The Love letters from Alan keep coming and coming

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Bryan Outlaw said...

Have you considered getting yourself on the public housing rolls? They got them great units opening up in Bluewater and Palm Cove. You're not going to have any assets left after this court action, that's for damn sure.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Wow Mike! They've done it again!
Who are these clowns at fnq legal?
Let's begin with the sentence; "We refer to....".
Pronoun Adverb Verb Adverb Adjective Adjective Pronoun Adverb Verb Adverb Adjective Pronoun Adverb Adjective Adjective Adjective Adjective Adjective Adjective Adjective Pronoun?????
Where are the Facts/Nouns?
These guys cannot read, cannot write and cheated on their Bar exams as well.
If this is the way Law offices make their money, we're ALL on the wrong train.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I ask everybody to digest the Law which governs ALL courtrooms on planet earth, before offering any advice to Mike:
Anyone who cares to some research can find it...and it's 8700 years old!!!!
It means that in a courtroom, 3+3= Anything but 6.
This is also why, when you try to register a username in Quantum on any blog, the sites reject it, due to the pre-programming in Adverb/ Verb, which is their blueprint.
It crashes computers in banks too!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Unfortunately Mike, a study period of at least 200-400 hours minimum, is required to learn the basics of Universal Legal Technology, and believe me, the law schools of Australia know all about it!
They are NOT allowed to use this technology AT ALL!
I'll be there on the day, and give both sides a copy of my corrections, and what each party does with it, is their choice.
Now let's try this Quantum register again, but this time, we'll try something different.

Colin Riddell said...

Yeah right bluey/blogger kjm just like you were going to be at the free speech rally.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Here we go again, another dumbo or same bitch, new false name, no ideas of her own, and most definitely short of the facts.
Those who took the time to check out why I never got there on time, will know that I DID make it to the City Disgrace, only after my son was treated for his broken elbow. Everyone, bar two people, was already gone.
Stop with the bullshit already.
Since that day I have proven that most of you, who are coming out with the non-assistive "help" for Mike, have NO balls to come and checkout out this paperwork, for fear of learning something they DON'T know and also fear of the loss of their administrative jobs!
I carry this paperwork EVERYWHERE, for EVERYONE to see.
FNQ Legal does NOT want this information made public!!!!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

The problem with most bloggers is, they cannot read, cannot write, and therefore cheated on their exams to get the position they now hold in society!
These people should NEVER put pen to paper, nor should they try to show others their lack of intelligence by commenting on blogs or writing any letters to Editors.
Your English teachers LIED!
The paperwork I carry with me each day is deadlier than snake venom, and FNQ Legal knows it!
Now, who wants to learn, and who wishes to hinder?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

This case is a bloody joke Mike!
FNQ Legal is a bloody joke!
Alan Blake is a bloody joke!
You need to swear out a writ of Habeas Corpus against these people to bring "FNQ Legal" in front of a judge, with some certified ID in their hand, to prove the existence of "FNQ Legal".
This case is nothing short of a Constructive Fraud, brought about by a Collusive effort on the part of Alan Blake and "FNQ Legal"(purportedly employed by "fnq legal").

John Downer said...

:Kevin-John: Morgan is a bloody joke!

Unknown said...

Dear Kevin John Morgan,

I can read and write rather well (in several languages even), but I haven't got a clue what you are talking about.

I don't think anyone else does either, so what is the point of your posts if mere mortals can't understand them ?

AND why DO you SHOUT all the TIME ?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Thank you Michael Hyams, and fellow followers of fiction, who simply insist on leading people astray deliberately, by the mere fact of their ignorance.
Judges in the courtrooms, tell us "Ignorance Is NO Excuse", but it seems to no avail in your cases. We can all think we're a trifle intelligent and join in the melee, by blogging away in fiction till our brains burst, but it's still Fiction.
Now I completely understand why Queensland is called the "police state".
It's also quite understandable, that you yourselves don't even realise you're the co-perpetrators of Mike's woes, simply by being ignorant of International Laws, Federal Laws, and the dumbo State "Laws" of this country.
However ignorant, stubborn, bone-lazy or just plain dumb you are, it matters not, if you bear witness to an innocent citizen being taken for a ride, or taken down by a Criminal Act, and you don't report it or do something about, you are a co-conspirator in the act itself!
Don't believe me?
Go check the LAW fellas!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Nick, you truly haven't got a clue, because you CAN'T read this language, let alone any others.
Also, SHOUTING is required for emphasis on words that most people just gloss over and never get the true meaning of the written word, or worse, suffer from assumption, presumption and jumping to wrong conclusions, which explains the Azaria Chamberlain case.
Mike's case is no different, as we can read by the blogs.
There are those advising for him, and those advising against, but there's also those bloody fence-sitters, who just refuse to learn something new.
We're ALL guilty of it whilst having to use this abomination of a bastardised language, they call English, but is actually titled Endlish.
Our language was manipulated into being by bloody scribes (lawyers) and law students, after having removed the prepositional-phrases.
Remove those, and you have a LIE!
Mathematics makes perfect sense, but English makes no sense at all, at least not until you learn the procedures of language, which the lawyers modified and still do, by using that basic maxim/rule of law-writers: "Never use a Noun where a Verb will do".
This is not the first Defamation case and it won't be the last, as long as people remain ignorant to the modifications to language.
You could make a difference once in your life rather than become bait for another person like Blakey!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

By the way, for those with the brain to calm down, discover the Facts, and possibly assist in kicking some serious arse out there.
I have been a witness, plaintiff's advisor and a McKenzie Friend in 9 court cases of late, both in Sydney and Cairns, getting practice for my Lawsuit which everyone knows about.
It has been re-opened due to the Fraud and Collusion found in the transcripts as well as the late reserved decision, and I intend to right the wrongs that were done.
You want to help someone in trouble in the courts? then go ahead and download this book and learn something we all should be doing...NOW!
Here is the link to help everyone in every case.
By the way also, it's FREE, and the permission to pass it on exists.

MG said...

yes i agree lets at least have something to read that we can debate