Monday 25 October 2010

Another love letter to Alan - an olive branch

Following last week's rather popular Colour-Coded Courtroom Culler deCoder, that we produced to make some sense of the trail of letters and documents in Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake's $350,000 defamation action against myself and CairnsBlog.

I have made an offer to Alan. Love your feedback.

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Statement of Claim Friday 13th August, 13th September, and13th September (initial defence), 24th September, 30th September, 5th October (referred to in above love letter), 7th October, Your own Colour-Coded Courtroom Culler deCoder.


MG said...

And if he is in china how do you propose he read it and answer you lol ?

MM this saga just gets better and better,

you would be wise to read that the time period on the previous letters has expired for your apology.

if it was me I would make you kneel in front of me and have it filmed for utube and photographed for the cairns post and your blog site that you were remorseful and showed sincere emotions that could be recorded for all to see.

i might even invite channel 7 and 9 and 10 for the media circus to applaud you with the same courtesy you gave mr blake............which was respect at all

Hans Van Veluwen said... long have you been obsessed with that fantasy of having a man kneel in front of you and then have it filmed as about kinky...are you into dominance? You should come right out as by the tone of your first paragraph your fantasy causes built up kind to yourself

John Downer said...

Too late to grovel now MM, the court case is Friday, you should have taken people's advice and done this months ago, instead of listening to serial failure and jailbird Bryan Law.

Warren Entsch said...

And chew on his bunch of sugar bananas. MG you sod?

Are you John Howard or Kevin Rudd as in the full crack sod?

Remind me of a soded politician.

Watch how the cards fall. No worries bala, Zogo le says!

Anonymous said...

Have you sent the letter yet, Mike? I would propose an edited version, along the lines of the following:

Dear Alan,

I would like to settle this matter between us, and am hopeful you would too.

To that end, I offer to make an appropriate apology for any unnecessary hurt that you experienced due to words published on CairnsBlog. I am also willing to retract a limited number of words from CairnsBlog.

I understand that feelings can be hurt by criticism that appears to be cruel and unnecessary. Or too personal. All of which can be aggravated if adverse comments make apparently false allegations.

I am therefore willing to retract any material on CairnsBlog, in which your name was mentioned or implied, that you found objectionable. You will need to identify the material and how it is wrong/overly offensive.

After seeking advice over recent weeks, I have now introduced a registration system on CairnsBlog that will act to restrain commenters from injecting excessive toxin. I have also instigated this as a direct result of issues you have raised. I think it will be a positive move forward.

I am hoping this apology is also an appropriate move forward, and that you will respond in a likewise manner.

Yours sincerely,

Michael P. Moore

MG said...

@ hans

a dominatrix you got me .......I suppose it all depends on whether I am male or female........ and since none of you know then its all irrelevant to this topic

MM kneeling and professing an apology is likened more to "confession is good for the soul"

However the time period for him doing such has passed....ooops

@ frank

do you even know why he introduced the registration system and moderation?????

he was forced into action by people like myself copying and pasting the fine print of the blogger site roles and responsibilities of owners and also facebook rules of links and sharing.

at least some good has come of this though MM seems to moderate some and not others.

Question for MM: the offer to blake in your do you propose to support him????? you going to drop the mayor ????

Michael P Moore said...

Glad you feel so influential "MG" but you have zero effect in how I manage my Blog.