Thursday 28 October 2010

Responding to the love letters


Hans Van Veluwen said...

Ah, it ain’t so easy is it? you almost lost your place.
And perhaps you’re wondering how you’re going to cope with your disgrace.
Well your wealth is well established and your friends were never few,
And all the things they told you of you’re finding to be true.
Well if truth can free the guilty while the innocent must die,
Then I respect, respect, respect the coldest lie.

And you won your case most easily and soon you will be free.
But there will be a million more who lose their liberty.
Not because of what they did, but what they did not do:
They did not pay a lawyer or a judge to see them through.
Why, they had no friends to call on and they could not raise their bail.
Well if winning is what matters, I respect the ones who fail.

MG said...

how much time do you need? come on MM you have had weeks to prepare. you thought it would all go away and that you would have public assistance to defend yourself.

I remember reading in your blog that councillor blake did ask for an apology and you told him it was unnecessary

its not time to be crying over your spilt milk now

MG said...

is this a 'dear diary' site?

Janine Aitken said...

This action IS a waste of the Courts time. Councillor Blake should take a moment and check out Andrew Landeryou's blog, or just google the guy, hes REALLY been defaming people since at least 2006! Be thankful you havent come to his attention yet Councillor Blake cause this guy doesnt care what he writes.

John Downer said...

I'll be in court early Friday, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

I hope the TV cameras will be there, then we can all give our opinions.

As they say, anyone who listens to Bryan Law has a fool for a lawyer.

Those of us who advised you to make an immediate apology will surely be saying 'I told you so' .... what will Bryan Law be saying?

Bryan Law said...

John, I'll probably be saying something like "Stick up for what you believe in, even when the going gets hard. Be realistic in your expectations but don't allow the bullies to go unchallenged just because they have money and influence."


"Don't listen to fools who only have an untested opinion because they lack the courage to put it into practice"

John Downer said...

Bryan, you're full of shit.

Anyone reading the case against Mike could instantly see he was in trouble.

People like you, telling him he'd done nothing wrong, and that he had a right to say whatever he liked, with references to non-existent freedoms of speech, has led him to this stage.

Some of us, in opposition to you, advised him to immediately apologise, and retract all contentious comments.

Had he done this, and not listened to you, he probably wouldn't be in court tomorrow.

Everything you've done has landed you in court, and in some cases in prison, with more to come it seems.

I wonder how much consolation Mike will get from your words when he's out on his arse?

Michael P Moore said...

With respect "John Downer" - whom I've never met and don't know to the best of my recollection - tomorrow's Mention was called by me - not Blake, and is a procedural mention, in that I will be seeking a ruling if the originating Statement of Claim, with the purported deficiency, and its subsequent amendment, should stand. That's all. As you can imagine, I can not take the advice of “FNQ Legal” – as they’re not on my side!

For the record, you (nor anyone - even Councillor Blake) asked me to "appologise". In fact, I wasn’t given that option.

The re-writing of the QLD Defamation Act 2005 (to bring it into line with other States, encourages conciliation and constructive amends prior to initiating legal action. That’s the spirit of the Act – at least that’s what some defamation lawyers have informed me. This of course never occurred in this case. If it had, I wouldn't be here.

If you have read the original Statement of Claim, lodged on 12th August and served on myself on Friday 13th August (lol), you would see it referred to imputations that occurred a year earlier. Why communication didn’t occur at that point in time, I am unable to answer.

You say you "advised to immediately apologise, and retract all contentious comments... Had he done this... he probably wouldn't be in court tomorrow..."

As you can see, this is not a true reflection of the events, and once Councillor Blake filed the Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court, it showed, he had no intention (at that stage anyway) of seeking an apology, retraction, conclusion to the matter.

It is normal, and has occurred on CairnsBlog in the past, when a contentious statement / words / comments had been published, the complainant contacted myself and asked for removal, amendment, clarification, apology, or a combination of the above. I have always obliged. This never occurred in this current case.

Anyway "John Downer" - thanks for your interest. What side of the fence are you in this case? (besides the anti-Bryan Law side - whom has had limited involvement by the way, other than supporting the right for free speech - something that he has passionately following all his adult life in many and varied issues.

Do you support the right to publicly debate, criticise, hold to account and discuss our politicians? I hope so.

John Downer said...

Mike, I never kept a diary as a kid, and never saw the point of blogs, but I have been on the net since before the internet as we know it, over 20 years. I have run forums for many years, and part of my job description now is implementing them as company intranets.

I've known from day one that you cannot say what you please online, any more than you can anywhere else, and some of the rubbish I've read here about freedom of speech and the "blogosphere" have been laughable.

I have seen first hand the consequences of online defamation, I've seen sites shut down, and I've seen people prosecuted.

I've also seen cases of people committing suicide over online bullying.

Whose side am I on?

Some of the things you've posted about Blake were stupid, but I believe you were naive enough to think you had the right to do so.

However, naivety is no defence.

Blake, on the other hand, should have dealt with this in a different manner, but he has right, and the law, on his side, so suing you was prerogative.

"Do you support the right to publicly debate, criticise, hold to account and discuss our politicians?"

Of course I do .... within the law.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Which LAW do you speak of Mr DOWNER?
I do believe that this country is supposed to have FREE SPEECH, or is that not what we are voting for?
"Sticks & Stones.........".
People on this planet can say what they like, write what they like, and in most cases do what they like, if they live in countries which allow letters to Editors, social networking, etc, etc, etc, whether it be in a newspaper, on a blog, email or Facebook, or even the twits on Twitter.
What I have been trying to point out (which is my job) is the fact that writing & speaking in Adverb/Verb language format is keeping everyone who does so, in an emotional state, and void of ANY Facts.
You, I would have thought, have the brains to understand this. Those who don't, are usually on blogs everywhere, making fiction comments on matters which don't concern them, void of the facts, or usually in courts arguing a point which is pointless, because the language is the problem.
The other problem with people like you, is that you will support going to war with another country based on LIES, that's what our soldiers are dying for.....LIES!
Nobody in the world has ever fought over a Maths problem!
We fight over DUMB and emotional language problems, because we believe in leaving "that stuff" to the "professionals".
These "professionals", always use dictionaries that you don't buy on bookshelves, which we public don't use....why?
THEIR "legal opinon" is the one getting aired, you don't have one.
If people these days have to run to the courts for stupid reasons due to forgetting the basic rules at school, then they don't desrve the support of the public because they don't play fair.
Blake has NEVER played fair, not in this case, not in any case, the people from Doyle Street Westcourt will tell you that!.
Mr Downer, you don't have the intelligence to write to this blog,
so let's have some support for Mike against the tyrant that is Blake, not just Adverb/Verb tirades which say NOTHING, like this one does!

John Downer said...

@:Kevin-John: Morgan

Why do you constantly waste your time trying to convince people that you're an idiot, don't you realise we know already?

Stop trying so hard.

John Downer said...

Another example of the hypocrisy rampant in this blog. Kevin-John Morgan can insult me, but I'm not afforded the opportunity to reply, as MM deletes my posts.

MG said...

John this is a group here that is not in favour of speech of any type as your post has been deleted.

I agree wholeheartedly with you speech within the law. If you read a lot of what I posted MM did not take heed and so paid the first price today of court costs awarded to him

the next time in january will be more as he has never listened been a law unto himself and finally someone like blake had the guts to stand up to him

for that i applaude as noone should have to put up with what blake has done

the schooling system does not and there are laws in place and neither do blogger and facebook

MM is in fairy land over the whole matter

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Sorry John Downer, but I try my level best never to insult, only to inform or ask questions.
I was once in your position, till I discovered a wrong being created by using dirty, dastardly, schemes created by those dirty dark-suited scavengers from Hades, called LIARS, sorry, lawyers.
Now I know their dirty little secrets, the information is out there for all to see, and it's also FREE, so I'm just the message carrier.
This is very new, but it's also thousands of years old, meaning it was covered up, so go learn some history, it's fascinating.