Saturday 16 October 2010

CAPTION CONTEST: Joy to Mareeba from MP Jason O'Brien

Cairns Post photographer Jennifer Eliot captured Cook MP Jason O'Brien, with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Tablelands Regional Council Mayor, Tom Gilmore at Mareeba airport yesterday.

They were all patting themselves on the back after announcing a $13 million upgrade for Mareeba airport.

Let's put some words in their mouth....

  1. "Anna, let's just fly away to Richard's island and forget everything..."
  2. "Yes this is Tom. He's what we call a Mayor. He doesn't like Labor, but unlike you, he has money in the bank."
  3. "Mr O'Brien... will you please get your dirty paws off me, otherwise I'll call the secret service. I mean, they could hardly get that stain out of the last dress."
  4. "No it's fine Anna, my wife is very, very accommodating. She specifically said I could do to you, what you've done to Queensland..."
  5. " ........... your turn..........."


Warren Entsch said...

Jason and Anna lovers "Let's go over to Steve Wettenalls for a big bong session. I know where he hides his pot and bong. He pays more than $400 an ounce for his hydro, sucker."?

Anna "oh I get my husband his hydro straight from Mick Dowie for free in a brown paper bag"?

Tom in a world of his own thinking "ah sodomy just like the good old days"?

Michael Hyams said...

Come on, Anna, you did promise you would donate your Bra to that mob who are collecting second-hand or used Bras for Vanuatu, or somewhere.

yk said...

"Get off me, Jason! I knew it was a mistake to send you to YAPS to do your day's work experience."

Colin Riddell said...

I was so knackered after our tarmac dry bang .

I could not join you in cairns but shit after seeing the angry voters I am bloody happy .

I went the doctors up here in mareeba and they said it will heal ok..

Colin Riddell said...

Beats rooting my dog hey ? Then again my dog is prettier.