Friday 29 October 2010

Affidavit for the defamation case

Faithful Blog readers who have been following the evolving defamation case from Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake, may wish to see the Affidavit I filed.

Today's Mention in the Supreme Court is to deal with a procedural mention, and to seek a ruling if the originating Statement of Claim, with the purported deficiency, and its subsequent amendment, should stand.
My understanding of the re-writing of the Queensland Defamation Act 2005, was to bring it into line with other States, and encourage conciliation and constructive amends prior to initiating legal action. That’s the spirit of the Act – at least that’s what some defamation lawyers have informed me.
Today's mention at 10am at the Cairns Courthouse, Sheridan Street, will be preceded by a small rally at 9:30am.

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Top stuff and well done today Mike.
Glad to finally meet up with fellow bloggers and see that their hearts are in the right place, so there will no more negativity on my part concerning those who stand for free speech.
Some of the gallery saw this paperwork I keep talking about, some didn't, but the other side were not shown.
Both the plaintiff's and the defendant's side should have a copy, in colour, so that there is no dispute as to the equity of evidence.
As a teacher of Quantum-Language procedures, I am also Qualified and obliged to witness, then stop and correct any legal documents coming from the volition of a constructive fraud against another person by the means of assumption, presumption, and modification of language, which is criminal intent or mischief!
Having been through this maze twice, I went back to school and found Universal Legal Technology.
The basic rule of this technology uses their Laws against their own Laws.
One of their rules is: There are NO statutes of Limitations on Fraud!
I am always ready to do a FREE seminar for enthusiastic bloggers.