Tuesday 19 October 2010

Ed Hardy has contravened style and taste

Melbourne's City of Stonnington has been the butt of a class joke, as grudge clothing retailer Ed Hardy closes down across Victoria, opting for online business only.

A tongue-n-cheek sign has been posted around Melbourne's fashionable Chapel Street.

"The City of Stonnington and Chapel Street Precinct hereby announce that Ed Hardy shall cease trading immediately," the notice reads, that purports to come from the local city council.

The notice reads...
  • "Ed Hardy has contravened style and taste, and is no longer permitted in a 20k radius of Chapel Street.

    In turn, all you fuck-head Jersey Shore wannabes can go back to the suburbs, to spend the exhorbitant amounts of cash you were going to use on bedazzled wifebeaters, on your illegitimate children instead."
Hardy's clothing range is modelled on the work of tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy.

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