Tuesday 26 October 2010

Virtual Revolution a must see

Over the last 20 years the web has changed the world, and our lives. What has it done to us?

The Virtual Revolution (four-part series screening on SBS TV tonight at 8:30pm), Dr Aleks Krotoski charts how the web is forging a new brand of politics, both in democracies and authoritarian regimes.

Tonight's episode, called Enemy of the State, Al Gore, Stephen Fry and Bill Gates are interviewed as the programme explores how interactive, unmediated sites like Twitter and YouTube have encouraged direct action and politicised young people in amazing numbers. Yet, at the same time, the Web's openness enables hardline states to spy and censor.

The BBC have put together a good overview of the series online. They also have a fun test you can do, and take part in a unique experiment to discover the impact the web is having on your brain, and discover which species of web animal you are.

Tonight's is part two. Part three screens next Tuesday (2nd November), and the final on Tuesday 9th November.

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