Thursday 28 October 2010

Blogger in Cairns Supreme Court

CairnsBlog author Michael Moore will appear in the Supreme Court at 10 am in Cairns for procedural directions on Friday 29th October.

Mr Moore is being sued for defamation by Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake, in an action watched widely in the region and across the country.

Mr Moore is seeking to have Cr Blake’s Claim struck out. Mr Blake is seeking to have Mr Moore’s Defence struck out.

An open question is “Who’s going to pay for it all?”

ALLIES FOR FREE SPEECH is conducting a small rally in support of Mr Moore outside the Cairns Courthouse, Sheridan Street at 9.30 am.

Background on the case, including copies of all documents filed and legal correspondence can be found on CairnsBlog filed under “Love Letters”.


Hans Van Veluwen said...

"interseting" indeed GQ. Guess I am full of staunch shit...I have to work tomorrow...but will be there in Spirit and eager to see the outcome...hope sanity and justice prevails...and while we are at it can we cut the negative shit for a bit?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I have finally delivered the papers of "FNQ Legal" and Supreme Court to Mike.
You may all peruse the originals, with the corrections, before I hand deliver them to the fictitious entity we now know as "FNQ Legal".
I guarantee when he/she witnesses this paperwork, sparks will fly!
The people who blindly support Blakey and what he supposedly stands for, will never be able to read or understand the corrections we do, and are also the people who believe the Earth is flat and the Sun rises every day, then sets.

MG said...

hey guys guess its off to NZ as Mike reckons he has no money is unemployed by can affford to go to NZ to visit his 'mother' next wednesday!!!!

oh and the cost of first court session has been awarded to MM.

Happy Halloween :-)

Wish I didnt have to attend a more important meeting would have been great to see the worm swerm

Hans Van Veluwen said...

Come on heartless boy/girl...Mothers are very special people

Anonymous said...

Mike's mother, I believe, lives in Christchurch and is quite elderly. I have an employee who has also just returned home to Christchurch for, I imagine, the same reasons Mike is.

Since the first big quake hit ( a 7.1 magnitude on 4/9/2010) there have been a further 2369 since then. This is an average of 43 a day. Today there has been 5, the largest a magnitude 4.

This of course makes many people quite nervous, particularly the elderly.

I think it fair and proper that Mike would want to comfort and re-assure his aged mother at this time.

Colin Riddell said...

Mud Guts The full name of mg if you were there and you were. You would have clearly heard mike say something like ,my family are paying and or assisting me with the costs to visit my elderly mother,that I have not seen for two and a half years.
Your goading is only assisting the the determination of people in cairns to further supply help to mike as the wealthy councillor,and his ability to hire and fly up a barrister from brisvegas , only steels peoples will to assist the unemployed financially struggling blogger.
Believe me some of mikes silent supporters bring down federal members hey jim turnour.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

Could not be there today Mike but was with you in spirit. It's a shame that this has gotten to this point at all really but know that there are plenty of us out there eagerly awaiting the result. (and hoping that the result is sane and temperate)

Enjoy your little holiday in NZ, I know it's not really all pleasant and your mum must be worried about you as well as for herself but try to get some relaxation in anyway.

You are one of the prime reasons I started Blogging and have been extremely supportive of me. I am aware of many other local bloggers who have also benefited from your support and encouragement. In this case, we are all learning as we go and unfortunately, you are the measure and the test for all of the rest of us.

Good luck.........

Colin Riddell said...

I was there today to support mike .
If not for mikes blog that runs my campaign issues that is ignored by cairns post on some occasions.
The defamation will be solved one way or another and I hope for alans and mikes sake it is not settled in court.
The offer to both is still there to mediate a satisfactory result .
I did withdraw the offer a few weeks ago but I hate to see issues solved where no one wins .
I was there to support someone who has supported me and said so to the media.
I openly support alans alternative valcanoe and I openly support mikes blog.

MG said...

oh we all have ageing parents somewhere in the world and they all would love to see us......

pity you dont quite get that I wasnt there as you wouldnt miss me I am far too noticeable

i prefer my meeting over MM's chicken gallery at todays representation

notice you all forgot to say that MM was awarded the court costs of today..........that alone will run into thousands.......

MM foolishly thought blog opinion would win the day........oooops it didnt the LAW still applies

oh and the earth quake occurred weeks ago and if MM was truly concerned and his family along with him then he would have high tailed it to NZ much earlier than this to see his elderly mother

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks folks - Colin, Leigh, Hans, Constance et all... even MG.

Being in the Supreme Court is certainly daunting, but given the number of supporters that showed, including a large media pack of both local TV networks, along with ABC radio and the Cairns Post, it shows that this case is about something very important and fundamental to those that want the ability to debate, criticise and hold our elected politicians accountable.

I'll blog separately about today's events later on, but wanted to share my thanks with you.

After a post-mention coffee at Caffiend, wandering along Grafton Street, I bumped into Cook MP Jason O'Brien and Mayor Schier (separately), both whom reacted rather differently. I'll share the exchanges for your amusement and edification.

Janine Aitken said...

I too wished I was there to support you Mike, but as you know I am stuck in Brisvegas for awhile longer :-(

It saddens me that Councilor Blake continues with this ridiculous waste of Court time. All over a few words which appear to have hurt him, ive seen much nastier stuff written about; Di Forsyth, Kirsten Lesina, Rob Pyne, Julia Leu & Val Schier thank god they don't run off to court every time they are called a name.

Best of luck with all of this and may sanity prevail!

MG said...

I think that all of you have missed the biggest point here

it is one thing to debate and discuss its another to openly display someone's life without their consent which is what has happened here with blake.

its MM's choice to display his personal saga here about the case

its never been blake's choice that this be played out here

if pyne forsyth schier were on display here as much as blake has been then council would have done something about the blogger long ago

part of why I joined the blog was to initiate and hopefully change the one eyed view that existed here previously

like john said in the other 'responding to love letters' naivety is no defence

to assume you can say whatever you like about another person anytime let alone in a blog for public consumption - shows no value for equity or respect and demonstrates a lack of boundaries - the perpertrator has in making the 'choice' to write or blog untruths and misinformation crossed the line

technology being used to harass or intimidate others is called cyber bullying

i have said a lot here on this site trying to get the point of what cyber bullying is across

and today i think MM might just have realised that its "NOT ON"

MM you had the perfect tool in a blog to bring about change and to set an example here over a few weeks.

Disappointingly you never quite got past your 'EGO' and were buoyed along by people like KJM who really have not done anything to help you

Having the opportunity to have a say/vote/be included means that there are rules involved.

The internet and blogs - blogger and facebook and google all have rules for reasons - to stop anything like this happening

I am sure if copies of the content of this blog were brought to the attention of blogger google (who owns the blogger site) and facebook/twitter then this site would be shut down

I have enjoyed some articles however the obsession you have had with blake borders on stalking and has detracted from some great items posted

Myself I am tired of the same old same old with the blog and the constant references to blake and love letters.

one must start to assume MM that you have been rebuffed by blake or are jealous as he is not interested in you 'that way'