Thursday 14 October 2010

Labor keeping their paws clean on abortion

  • "Essentially the 'Not Guilty' result sets a precedent for cases of this type and re-writes the enforcement of this law without Labor having to get their hands dirty.”
- Phillip Hoffmann on the result of the abortion trial in Cairns, Queensland.

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

When the FACTS were brought into the Light, there was nowhere else for the jury or prosecutors to go.
Now the fun begins, wait till you see what happens next, especially those who don't understand the NEW school of jurisprudence: Universal Legal Technology.
I will make a very correct and prophetic statement on this blog:
From 4th April 2012, ALL people using Legalese language on ANY contracts or paperwork, WILL be liable for prosecution.
The Law dictionaries will be GONE!
The Libraries of the world will be removing ALL Law dictionaries, ALL study parephenalia and books that do not contain Universal Legal Technology.
Then, and ONLY then, will we see the removal of "Legal Fiction".