Thursday 28 October 2010

'We're about to give up the goat' - Kym Kruse

Permaculture experts Kym and Georgie Kruse have an offer that you won't get every day.

"We have an Anglo Aubien and a Boar female goat to give away to a good home," Kym says. "Their names are Coco and Molly."

According to Kym, the goats are one and a half years old, "in good condition, children friendly and well-natured." They are even known to collect the paper from the street, make a mean Latte and can even programme your iPhone.

If you're interested, have suitable goat transport from Walkamin, and want a nice couple of pets for your 10th floor inner-city apartment, call Kym or Georgie on 4086 8019.


MG said...

Grow up MM the 10th floor part is wearing thin and so is the court case

wonder what the outcome was .....oh thats right 'your defence stunk' and was struck out

unemployed? well what about the advertising on this site?

oh dear the costs of the court case too!!!!!!

kym Kruse said...

Thanks Mike,

We have a friend who is in the local Permaculture group who saw the msg and came and got them the next day. You'll be happy to know they have gone to a good home as I am sure yours would have been.

All the best