Tuesday 5 October 2010

More love letters between Alan and Michael


:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Mike, if FNQ Legal is the really the person signing that letter, you can swear out a writ of Habeas Corpus to have the person appear before a Judge and prove his/her existence.
The Birth/Berth Certificate will also be required.
If no existence, then charge the bastards with Legal Mischief, that'll slow them down.
There are also 42 other charges under International Maritime Law and Contract Law to have most of these pricks closed down....that's what I've learned to do.
These buggers screwed my life, now I'm screwing back, and they don't like it at all, and you now what?
Tell someone who cares!
I will remind everyone who blogs, Tweets or Facebooks, along with a notice to ALL "legal" people: There is NO statute of limitations on FRAUD!
Have a nice day.

Smithfield Sam said...

As noted by others previously, you're failure to obtain legal advice is going to cost you your home and other assets, Mr. Moore.

Concerned Cairns Resident, MG said...

A blog that has discussion on topics where respect, common courtesy, and that is moderated is what your site should be about.

This site has through its social networking links broken many agreement of use rules of facebook, bebo, blogspot, and many others this site is affiliated with. This site should be reported for such.

Creating public outrage using comments and blogs posted here to damage other's reputations has got to stop. There are laws in place which are international, federal and state based which carry a criminal offence for breaching.

The harassment initiated by this site and others it links to which are social networking sites of Facebook, Twitter, My Space is spreading false, malicious rumours about a councillor/s with an intent to cause the person/s harm and which targets their place of employment the council.

Social network sites reach hundreds of thousands or people worldwide. Is this the image Cairns wants to be known by - A city where cyber-bullying by members of the public targeting employee/s of local government is supported by inaction by the local government?

There are very strict OH&S workplace rules stating that if a member of the public harasses or targets an individual in public service then the Council, CEO, Mayor and OHS officer have a duty of care to the councillor/s being harassed.

What sort of example is the council setting by inaction and lack of support to its employee/s to the local school children whose own schools have policies on this type of behaviour?

I ask you what image of cyber-bullying are you sending to the school children of today who have Bullying No Way rules in the school system and many other sites for kids who are being bullied.

Why is council 'allowing' its councillor/s to be continued targets of workplace harassment committed by a member of the public - the harassment using a carriage service is offensive, humiliatiing, intimidating and harmful to councillor/s.
By ‘inaction’ the Council is supporting the harassment of its employee/s that is occurring and allowing it to continue.
This is in breach of a duty of care of the employer to the employee/s.

The duty of care is outlined in the Prevention of Workplace Harassment Code of Practice (2004)


Cheers MG

Francine Keepton, southside said...

You're right "Concerned".

If you, like our family, have been following this very interesting "defamation" case, you would have noted Mr (sorry, COUNCILLOR) Alan BLAKE - telephoned this guy's employer and threatened them to fire him and told them a bunch of lies.

That in fact is the first blog story that BLAKIE cites in his Statement of Claim. Take a read and then apply your "bullying" and "harrasment" you so easily talk about the poor Mr Blake above.

Sympathy for Blake. ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan Law said...

My Goodness MG, if you believe that's what happened, you or Councillor Blake must go to the police immediately. Immediately! Don't waste time blathering on anonymously here.

Graham Solider, Clifton said...

Great advertisement for FNQ Legal... NOT!

Michael Hyams said...

All these "motherhood" statements about what Michael shhould or should not do are totally pointless, other than to give MM some moral support. If I was`able I woulds be more than happy to underwrite hislegal costs, but sadly I am not. I attempted to get help on another well-publicised and on-going matter, which you all know about. I went for 5 interviews at Cairns Community Legal Services. They are more than happy to express outrage about the 4CCR matter, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty they become shrinking violets. The so called Senior Solicitor is about to leave their service so that seems to have been a complete waste oftime. Oh, and by the way, Kevin John Morgan, you offered of the blog to help me battle ACMA, and although I took you up on your offer immediately, and with gratitude, I am still waiting. So unless you actually do have an I.E.D. that you can throw into the midst of the local legal profession as you seem to have claimed recently on the Blog in relation to several matters I suggest you stop wasting everyone's time. If you can help, in a practical sense, then DO IT. Iam sure Michael would be grateful. We has put his head on the block in all our interests, and if wecan give him only moral support then lets do it and do the best we can to shield him from hysterical Councillors one of whom seems intent on destroying Michael simply because his feelings have been hurt. MM has a thick skin, much more that I, and he will guts it out. In doing to he will be acting for ALL OF US.All thgis talk of Habeus Corpus is` about as much use to Michael, as it has been to the prisoners in Gitmo.

MG said...

It would appear that some further education is required for understanding the criminal code and its sections.

Under the Commonwealth Criminal Code, Section 474.17 It is an offence for a person to use a carriage device to menace, harass or cause offence (Penalty - 3 yrs imprisonment)

A carriage service is the internet.

Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ("Statement") derives from the Facebook Principles, and governs our relationship with users and others who interact with Facebook. By using or accessing Facebook, you agree to this Statement.

3. Safety

We do our best to keep Facebook safe, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help to do that, which includes the following commitments:
6. You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.
10. You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

5.Protecting Other People's Rights

We respect other people's rights, and expect you to do the same.
1. You will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law.

these laws are just a few and a sample of what internet bloggers need to be aware of.

On another note as facebook is an american site then as there is a link to the cairnsblog all comments which are accessible on facebook from the blog fall under facebook principles.

That also means that Cairnsblog can be prosecuted under american laws. Breaching the laws in facebook or blogger or blogspot does not leave the owner of the site and moderator immune from prosecution overseas or in australia or co-jointly at the same time.

Cairnsblog as it uses an international organisation for the blog is bound by the laws of that country and australian law as well

Blogger Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Content Policy have similar and more explicit rules in their fine print.

Worth investigating one would think maybe this is why this site is now going to be moderated instead of just a free for all which has existed here previously

Good to see that something came out of last week's free speech rally and other conversations - now this site may have some more legitimate debate and discussions instead of gutteral back biting comments

Lets see some articulate writings with some depth rather than dirty laundry airing of the personal life of Mr Moore

Cheers MG

Michael P Moore said...

MG, with respect, you wasted a lot of time.

Facebook is a completely separate internet service.

Comments are posted and published on CairnsBlog, not Facebook.

They are two entirely different and unrelated services.

Good try though.

MG said...

Michael I am very good at research and never put pen to paper without checking the facts first.

You advertise your blog on your facebook site ...........you are governed by the same laws as this content is viewable through facebook.

Due to your choice to 'link' the two then if you take time to read the complete publication you would find this is correct.

I suggest you take time to read Blogger terms privacy and content.

Also some Australian Law research and the changes that took place last year in acts and also the Australia has acceded with the Council of Europe Cpnvention on Cybercrime which is a multilateral treaty in force that specifically addresses cybercrime.

The criminal code is another interesting read.

Hope this helps with your confusion.

Gotta run Gotta life

Barb Ryan at the beaches said...

what a nong (hope that a word!)

Their a million and millions of websites "linked" mentioned" on Facebook. so what? Doesn't mean they are all governed under Facebook.

Sounds like another legal nut job Mike. Ignore this one!!!

The Essence of Good Taste said...

Interesting that MG thinks Council has a duty of care to its employees and councillors that includes legal defence when they are critizised in public media. I notice however no defence of our Mayor who is constantly critizised by people like Gavin King, John McKenzie and Paul Freebody in very aggressive ways, in the paper, on radio and on Facebook. Mayor Val is obviously more capable of sticking up for herself and realises public office means accepting public comment, both good and bad... Pity Allan Blake can't do the same. Show a little courage Allan... if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen...

Bryan Law said...

MG old mate, what's the matter? Can't find the Police station? It's on Sheridan St, next to the Courthouse. Best make a complaint soon. There's a good chap.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Michael Hyams, hey there matey, why has nobody contacted me at all.
Most of the people on this blog, who know me, know my phone number, my name, my whereabouts at the markets on weekends, where we meet other like-minded communitarians.
My offer is always the same at those meetings, bring me your best legal opinion or your best legal argument, written or oral, and I will tell you if you can read or write, and also disqualify the statements in ten to fifteen seconds flat!
Bryan, we totally agree with you on MG, who claims to research the Facts! What a load of cobblers!
MG, your rants on this subject alone, prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you're so far into the fiction, you should be a lawyer, maybe you are, which accounts for your mode of thinking.
It is for this reason alone, that YOU should NEVER put pen to paper!
The FACTS are, as many lawyers would know, using a business name with acronyms, as a signature on ANY document, then sent by mail, constitutes local, Federal and International Mail Fraud!
Mail Fraud brings a minimum 10 year sentence in a Federal prison.
Now, here's the rub, if that same "mail" is demanding or seeking monetary compensation in any form, the charge is upgraded to Mail Fraud Banking, which is a 30 year sentence.
The greatest Federal Judge, and now Plenipotentiary Judge, I ever had lessons from, has also voided the letter from FNQ Legal, to be Fraudulent Conveyance of Language, with at least 14 other charges included!
My thinking is that I would be more inclined to believe a Plenipotentiary & Federal Judge, rather than a bunch of selfish "intellectuals", bush lawyers, lawyers or barristers, and also MG, another acronym.

MG said...

lol I am familiar with the location of both those establishments.

I was born here, moved away and lived around Australia for work then have come back home to Cairns.

I think there is confusion with my earlier post of councillor/s.

The mayor is covered by OHS as well.

Having spoken to Val previously I mentioned that the boys club in Cairns that is very insistent needs to learn some manners and protocol. If Val wants to take that up then good for her.

My point overall has been what example are you all setting here in this blog for school children in Cairns.

The bullying type of genre that exists here is not a good example at all and I think Mike is going about it now with moderating this site more and thinking of the repercussions that in this digital and internet age exist for himself as owner of the blog.

Cairns is no longer the little town it was and is an international destination. We need to remember that.

Have a great day people........

Michael P Moore said...

MG: There is no change with "now moderating this site."

I am soon to introduce a registration requirement. You are one of those people that insist on using the "anon" feature (I have to manually copy and paste your comments in).

I simply want contributors to register with a name or a pseudonym. If you still don't understand, you will after next week.

This will, as "Matt CYP" has said under a separate post CairnsBlog registration, if you are using a registered name, you are more likely to think twice before posting something you might later regret.

Regarding OHS and Councillors.... my, you're in fairy land! Then you mention bullying type behaviour.... This is laughable on so many levels especially to those us that survived Stalag 13 under Byrne.

Michael Hyams said...

Kevin John - well I thought I was conceited, until I started to read your blogs. I now realise how mistaken I have been for all these years> I bow to your (obviously) superior intellect

Michael Hyams said...

Kevin John - well I thought I was conceited, until I started to read your blogs. I now realise how mistaken I have been for all these years> I bow to your (obviously) superior intellect

MG said...

Thanks everyone for such high praise of my research and lawyering skills

So you are all not scared by my anonymity which this site currently allows I am posting now from one of the other options.

Stalag 13 under Byrne has been and gone. Maybe you in the playing fields need to update your image and learn some new rules on the field.

Lets start with passion. People can be passionate about many things here. Voicing their passion is often difficult for some as they come across as blustering cranky old men rather than people seeing the quality of argument that they have because it is clouded by the hot air escaping around the content they write.

If one is going to be passionate about things written here to 'attack' others then maybe some of you need to put that energy to better use and do some night work with Harold and the Homeless.

So in otherspeak for those of you who dont quite get my point....get off your butt get out there away from your computers and your vitriol that you type and show us what you can do to improve life in Cairns from the ground up.....


Warren Entsch said...

Now's the time for a freebie with JIM HENRY.... ask for help... sure he will assist... please ask...he loves Cairns and freedom...

No way Michael will lose $350K but a wrist slap... Val sets too much precedent by taking the flak for free so publicly and effortlessly ..thus the public perception of slander in Cairns is set very low which the judge must agree.

You'll will be convicted and discharged. $3K at the most. Either that or thrown out.

Because of the frivolous nature of the allegations the judge will dismiss costs.

Dear Mike it's a karma thing and you are good so Jah loves you. Watch the miracles. Last laugh is coming.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Michael Hyams, you have no idea!
Conceited? Corrected and further educated, I would be more inclined to say.
Just because there's some new and wonderful knowledge out there, and I found it, and spent the past 12 years studying it, does not mean to say you can't find it too.
But always remember this;
"with great knowledge, comes great responsibility".
If you also have knowledge of a crime being committed, or about to be committed, you have a duty to report it, otherwise you are an accomplice!
There is a blatant crime being committed here by FNQ Legal, and Alan Blake, and it's right in front of everyuone's nose, yet you can't see it, just like you can't see an Article!
I personally don't give a crap any more about what the sheeple think, which is quite the opposite of my nature as most people will tell you, but there are people out there dying or in serious trouble every day because of the bastards in the "Legal" fraternity, and their sick attitudes towards the community they live in.
To them, everything is set in double standards.
I have offered to show you all where Mike can slaughter these bastards in the court, maybe even before it gets to court, but nobody wants to know.


On the 13th of september you wrote .

" Mike, bring the original documents to the rally, I want to show you all something you don't even know that you don't know, especially the latte-drinking, cafe-society intellectuals "

Michael Hyams said...

Kevin-John - with all this knowledge that you profess to have accumulated, why the hell dont you do something instead of just cluttering up the blog with your opinions. To what end have you acquired all this "explosive" legal knowledge. You offered to help me, and didnt follow up. you seem to be meating out the same treatment to Michael Moore. I wonder who paid for you to acquire breadth of legal knowledge. Whoever if was would I am sure, be delighted if you could be seen to put it to some practical use to help Michael fight Mr.Blake and his legal advisors. I reject your challenge onthe depth of our comparAtive literary styles. You our welcome to yours and I hope you derive satisfaction from your syntax, but I pray, do not cast aspersions on mine. Such a debate will achieve nothing. Have a happy day.

Russ Parker said...

"If you also have knowledge of a crime being committed, or about to be committed, you have a duty to report it, otherwise you are an accomplice!"

Err.....don't think so Mr :Kevin-John: Morgan. A quick read of section 7 of the Criminal Code (Qld) will clear up any misunderstandings re parties to offences.

With all due respect, this is the problem with accepting legal advice from those who ought not offer it.

It's great that people will try and assist others in matters that are difficult to understand, however we've got to be extremely careful when it comes to giving legal advice. The legal field is an extremely complex one and well meant unqualified advice can inadvertently create huge problems.

There is a good number of legal professionals in this town who are eminently credentialed to provide quality advice. They are very busy people however, so you won't generally find them dishing out free legal counsel on blogs.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Very sorry Mr Hyams for having to go to the aid of my son at the Cairns Base hospital, who just happened to break his elbow at the Skate Park about two hours before the City Place meeting.
If you have ever been to the Emergency room at the Cairns Base, well, need I say more?
Not having anybody's phone number at that same meeting, is about as useless as tits on a bull.
Also, I can never find any of the phantoms who write these blogs, it's like they don't really exist, so how about letting us know where you all are?
My lectures and seminars in and around Cairns, are controversial to say the least, but quite famous.
It is obvious you just don't get out much, choosing to be stuck behind a computer monitor, but I carry Mike's corrected paperwork with me into the city each day, hoping to run into one of you uneducated types, and to help in straightening out your minds and your mouths!
I have now disqualified the new "fnq legal" letter of late, so if I fit the category of a moron, and I can also perform these damaging new disqualifications, as well as perform the corrections, why can't you or anybody else?
Guess there must be more morons out there than we both realised huh?
Here's a clue: We are ALL told in Grade 5, NOT to do a certain thing when we decide to put pen to paper and write something.
What is it?
Pick a time & place, and I'll show you.
A simple 4th Grade maths question, can also prove who cannot read or write.
I've had ONE person in 2500 people come forward with the answer, which means you've ALL forgotten!
How can anyone actually presume or assume they have credibilty, when writing anything, if they cannot remember the rules of procedure, when writing?
Everything in this world is about Contract, and Procedure!
FNQ Legal, does NOT exist!

Michael Hyams said...

Hello KJM. I had more or less decided not to dignify your latest effort with a reply: but I have to if only to express the hope that your son recovers quickly.As to the other chips on your shoulder,why dont we swap phone numbers?you go first!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Sorry Michael Hyams, but if you use an acronym for a person's name, or write anyone's name in ALL CAPS, you've missed the boat already.
I am NOT in the military, OK?
If you wish to make a proper appointment, for the settlement of any matter, or to ask questions or advice, you can email me so I can make a time for your queries.

Whosoever wishes to address me for legal or contract matters, will only be answered if my Quantum name is used in any correspondence.
I spent the entire weekend in and around the city of Cairns, with Mike's paperwork in my backpack, hoping to at least find SOMEBODY from this blog, even Mike himself, but to no avail.
Lets meet at Caffeind on Tuesday between 8.00 am & 10.00 am, and from there we can organise either to go elsewhere or stay.
Bring your notebook, you're going to need it!
It's time everyone stuck their egos in their bloody pillowslip (where it belongs), and realise we are all making the same mistakes when it comes to so-called "legal" paperwork.

Michael Hyams said...

Sorry, chum, but my wife and I do somwthing useful for Charity on most weekdays, particularly Tuesday,so I cannot take up you invitation. On reflection, it occurs to me that this exchange of emails is failing to do the one thing I had hoped it might - help Michael Moore. You cannot goad me into any further comment on your comments, and as far asw I am concerned, as they used to say in The Times in the U.K "this correspondence is now closed". By the way, you might get someone to take you seriously if you broadcast your Bona-fide. Bye Bye and have a nice day ( Oh, and I hope your son is on the mend )