Monday 4 October 2010

Blog registration to be introduced soon

In the next week or so, you will have to log in to post a comment on CairnsBlog.

This will not prevent anyone from making a comment or contributing to the discussion.

This change will stop anonymous comments being posted, of which there's still too many, some which are valuable and are simply deleted by myself or the moderators. Usually anonymous comments add nothing to the debate, and little thought is given to what they're contributing.

As there is a critical mass now accessing CairnsBlog, I want to ensure contributions are valuable to the discussion, regardless of what they want to argue or share. It shows little intelligence when "anonymous" or those with some nonsensical name, that is changed every time they want to contribute, fire off a cheap insult.

Therefore, commentors will no longer be able to simply type a name in, or click "anonymous". You will have to log in with a Google account, or an Open ID (this includes Yahoo, MySpace, Flickr), or MyOpenID.

So I suggest if you haven't already, you get yourself a log in.


Nathan Shingles said...

Well done Mike, I agree with your comments.

Nathan Trinity Park

This is not my real name said...

There goes most of your contributors, why post under your real name with all the idiots around, I don't want my windows broken, or my car damaged, just because I posted something on here somebody didn't like.

Michael P Moore said...

I think you need to read what I wrote again. You can register a name (any name), but you will need to register.

This is not my real name said...

So what's the point, if I can register any number of times under different names?

This is not my real name said...

Will it discourage arseholes like James Forest from insulting people who post opinions they don't like?

Constance Lloyd said...

Sounds like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

This is a welcome development and I encourage others to continue to support the discussion of local affairs that takes place at this site.

Flotch -I choose to call myself Flotch said...

No 'This is not my real name', just because they are egotistical enough to use a name doesn't mean they are any less a dickhead with their comments. I don't think some people up there in the deep north have quite got the hang of how popular blogging works.

muggles said...

Excellent development, MM. Very much looking forward to not having to wade thru so much DROSS just to get to the good bits.

Coner the Librarian said...

So Cairns' Champion of Free Speech will now censor speech if the speaker wishes to remain anonymous, for which they may well have good reason.
Very disappointing.

Bryan Law said...

Coner, you can register a nickname, and preserve your anonymity from the public. However you'll have to use an e-mail address, so anything REALLY offensive can be back-tracked to some extent (depending on how net-savvy you are).

With registration, comments can be published immediately, and the extreme tossers who vilify and piffle without effort now will be held in check. If they want to spread their poisonous rubbish, they can always set up their own blog, instead of taking advantage of Mike's good work.

How liberating.

This is not my real name said...

Bryan, email addresses are two a penny, or even cheaper in bulk.

They cannot be "back-tracked" at all, even if they were the person's main email address, ISP's cannot, and do not, give out personal information to blog owners, or self-publicists for that matter.

Registration will stop nothing.

Every post on this blog is moderated before publication, so why is anything getting through that the blog owner objects to?

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.


Bryan Law said...

Not even in response to a subpoena or a police investigation?

oh well, I'm not at all net savvy, but I am tired of being attacked by anonymous cowards. (That's not you Mr name, but you ought see some of the shite from J.. M...... and his cronies.

This is not my real name said...

"Not even in response to a subpoena or a police investigation?"

For that to happen a comment would have to have been posted that was libellous, threatening, or in some other way illegal, that would cause the blog owner problems for printing it in the first place.

I run, or moderate, several forums, and have done for many years, I'm well aware that the responsibility for illegal content posted on any of my forums is my mine.

I have a way out, as our forums are not moderated before posts appear, I, therefore, have a window during which I must take offending posts down.

Mike has no such window, because he makes it clear that all posts are moderated before they are posted, which means they are approved by him.

If I were him I would take this down ...

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

... and replace it with something along the lines of 'Offensive and/or illegal comments will be removed'.

The Essence of Good Taste said...

If you run or moderate several on-line forums why are you so scared of being identified Mr Not My Real Name?...

Matt CYP said...

There are good reasons for using a pseudonym - to avoid personal abuse, vilification, malicious rumour mongering, vandalism and violence. No one should be obliged to use their real name.

But you can still use a pseudonym, you just need to register it. My observation of this blog is that it is so easy to post with a previously unused name, that people are prone to making rash and rude comments on the spur of the moment - I've done that myself.

If you are using a registered name, you are more likely to think twice before posting something you might later regret.

I'd also agree with the comment that the moderation of comments could be a bit tougher - people will be less worried about being identifiable, if they are confident that malicious comments will not be permitted by the blog owner.

MG said...

I am a good person and have created my identity profile so now I am still MG

great model and great vintage

cheers mike

Matt CYP said...

Testing, testing, 1 2 3... I think I've created a Google account - but the proof of the pudding is in the eating - so here goes!

Bryan Law said...

testing 1 2 3 testing ... blogger account seems functional