Monday 4 October 2010

Stephen Fry a special treat

If you missed Stephen Fry on ABC last evening, then you can still grab it on iView.

The English writer and actor gave an entertaining hour and a half to a packed Sydney Opera House of 2,500.


yk said...

No doubt. He was brilliant.

Michael Hyams said...

Must agree. The best hour and a half of TV for years. Prompted me to go to the bookshelf and find on of his Autobiographical writings, published in 1997, for which I paid $22 in Borders in Adelaide about the time it was written - "Moab is my washpot" I cant remember where he got suc`h an outrageous title from so I am going to read it again.I will never forget his quote on Sunday, Being Gay, Jewish and Bi-Polar I was assured of success in Hollywood. A rare moment of cultural indulgence. Thank you Auntie