Tuesday 5 October 2010

13 cases of Dengue fever in Cairns

There are now 13 people infected with dengue fever in Cairns.

The city suburb of Parramatta Park has 12 cases of type two dengue fever, and yesterday a person in Cairns North was diagnosed, with a different strain, a type one.

The mosquito-borne illness brings on serve headaches and body pains, that disables victims for at least two weeks. Subsequent infections can be serious.

Last wet season there were only two confirmed cases, however in 2008/09, 915 infections were recorded in and around the Cairns region, over 31 weeks - making it the worst season 20 years. In 2003, 892 cases were recorded, including the Torres Strait Islands.

During the 2008 outbreak, Cairns Regional Council came under strong criticism for not reacting to complaints about dormant mosquito breeding sites.
  • 1 - Cairns North - outbreak declared - 4th October (Type 1)
  • 12 - Parramatta Park - outbreak declared - 24th September (Type 2)
  • Earlier cases:
    2 - Mt Sheridan - declared 22 July 2010 (Type 1)
    2 - Cairns CBD - declared 28 May 2010 (Type 2)
    Tully outbreak declared over on 8 August 2010
  • Townsville
    10 - Hermit Park - outbreak declared 23rd July 2010 (Type 2)
  • LINK Queensland Health


This is not my real name said...

Dengue will be here until they start concentrating on Cairns Swamp, it needs regular aerial dropping until they no longer breed there.

This is not my real name said...

What a complete arsehole you are "James Wilson", do you treat your wife and kids like that?

If you aren't capable of a civil reply I suggest you piss off and find somewhere else to post.

James Wilson, Kewarra said...

arsehole... maybe? Informed how mozzies breed, no.

You: idiot. Still.

DO I treat my wife and kids like what?

I do however tell them how and where mozzies breed for their own protection, and it's not in Cairns swamp, you banana!

James Wilson, Kewarra said...

PS: I can't wait till this blog guy turns on this registration thing to stop wankers like you who can't even engage your brain cells before writing a comment for the world to see. How irresponsible are you!

you treat your wife and kids like that?

This is not my real name said...

Keep posting you wanker, WTF are you doing on a blog when you have the manners of a pig?

Please convey my condolences to your wife and kids, what a life they must have with you jumping on them every time one of them opens their mouth.

BTW, dengue mozzies will breed anywhere there's a stand of water, including the Cairns Swamp, which is why every outbreak there has ever been in Cairns has included Paramatta Park.

I look forward to your next rude, ignorant rant.

Martin the Mozzie Man said...

Fun reading and watching this ill-informed chap.

Dengue mozzies DON'T breed in swamps - QLD HEALTH

Get rid of dengue mosquito breeding sites

Dengue mosquitoes breed in containers that hold water.

The dengue mosquito does not breed in rivers, swamps, open drains, creeks or mangroves.

These mosquitoes do not like to travel far from mosquito breeding sites. Control mosquitoes by getting rid of mosquito breeding sites around the home.
Dengue mosquitoes breed in containers that hold water, including:
old tyres
tarpaulins and black plastic
pot plant bases
tin cans and plastic containers
roof guttering
rainwater tanks with damaged or missing screens
striking containers (to grow plant cuttings)
drain sumps
fallen palm fronds
coconut shells.


This is not my real name said...

Mozzies don't breed in the stagnant swamp water, but they most certainly do breed in Cairns Swamp. They breed in the cans and bottles and other rubbish all over the place, they breed in any water trapped anywhere.

Or .... they fly over the swamp because they've been told not to breed there.

I suggest you know-it-alls find your way down to the swamp and check it out, you may be surprised at just how many places there are in there for them to breed.

Doctor Bob said...

I think you're on some hallucinogenic drugs

MG said...

Mike mate lets get this vitriol off the site lets have decent debate and not personal attacks on persons