Monday 20 August 2007

The results are in - last week's online poll

Over the last week, I asked Blog readers Who would you like to govern our new Regional Council in 2008?

Well, the results are in and here's how everyone voted:-

Val Schier was the clear winner with a majority of 57%.
25% voted for Mike Berwick

Cairns Mayor, Kevin Byrne scored a laudable 2%.

However, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo out-polled our incumbent Mayor, 12 to 1, taking 12% of the online poll result.

Developer extraordinaire Tom Hedley also took 2% of the online vote.

Not one vote was recorded for Sno Bonneau or Mick Borzi. Sorry, we still love you guys, but I don't think our readers could pronounce your last names.

  • The CairnsBlog2008 online poll was run from 11th - 20th August.
  • 128 votes were recorded.
  • We don't know whether they were male, female, or hermaphrodite.
  • It has a degree of accuracy of +/- 1.043 % (well, we think it does).
  • It was not audited, because we are lazy and aren't cashed up enough
  • Users can only vote once from an IP address

This week's poll has been added online today, and asks What is the Council's biggest F**k up?

As always, vote early, and vote often.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what a cockup the city place is... the new entertainment area is a mess... it looks nothing like the original concept drawings( the architect must be cringing!)...if it's supposed to be a piece of public art that attracts opinion, then it has succeeded, because the only opinion i've heard so far, from punters and musos alike is negative. There is no protection from the elements for the muso's; acoustically it is flawed with S easterly winds taking the sound north up Lake St, away from punters; the seating arrangement is totally inadequate with a few grassy mounds capable of fitting 3 people each, not to mention the sweep on benches that face away from the sound stage. From an aesthetic perspective, it's just plain ugly...but that's just an opinion... but it's in keeping with those bathroom sculptures that double up as fountains...bizzare!
Cairns Works was the mob contracted to complete this project... it has gone so far over it's estimated completion date, that the budget musta blown out significantly. Kevin Byrne's fingerprints are all over this project... it was his idea to have a European style piazza with a few scrawny leopard trees to provide non existent shade around the stainless steel seating that sears its patterns into unsuspecting backsides. The whole area is a disaster... and this is the 3rd go of this administration to get it right!.... hate to tell you KB, but it ain't right.. bring back the "Grassy Knoll".... plant some native shade giving trees(the figs are magnificent)give us a cooling water feature... give us a new administration!...anything but what we've got now!