Wednesday 15 August 2007

Kevin Rudd: What Needs To Change

Just some recommendations from a wannabe pundit. If you're an influential ALP guy watching this, please sit through the first 5 mins and then take notes. This Australian is tired of having only one realistic choice at elections.

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Anonymous said...

This kid is obviously a Generation X or Yer. Well kid, John Howard has shut you right out of the economic "prosperity".
Let's see. If you want a profession, you will have to pay huge HECS fees, now up to $250,000 for medicine. Then you will have to rent with spiralling rent costs, while trying to save for a home or to buy into a practice.
Oh...but housing costs are also spiralling, so you may never be able to buy your own home.
But never mind, Johnny Howard has the answer for you if you are a Generation Yer. THE ARMY! Yes, he will give you lots if you spend your "gap year" in the army.
Oh you lucky little Generation Yers..........not!