Thursday 16 August 2007

Howard must be aware there's an election coming up

With news of Howard's plan to introduce legislation to refund Councils' expenses to run local referendums and also overturn any State fines imposed by Beattie, it makes for a huge election stunt on behalf of the Libs.

While I'm a staunch believer in allowing a democratic voice, on this occasion both are wrong.

Beattie was elected. His government (ours) has made these changes. A lot have felt that he hasn't consulted over this, and you'd be correct in that.

However, when I hear Howard jump on the bandwagon to "stand up for Queenslanders", let's not forget he hardly consulted you when deciding on issues like GST; going to war; staying in Iraq; Workchoices; banning same-sex equality; David Hicks; the Children overboard fiasco; climate change initiatives... the list goes on and on.

Come on, tell me the rest he's done without asking for your opinion...

So, who ya gunna believe more?

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