Saturday 25 August 2007

Gee, thanks for all the attention!

Only in our seventh week online, CairnsBlog is now getting just under a 1,000 hits a week... thanks to you (and you) for spreading the word.

I know that a number of our Councillors are following our discussions!

It's satisfying that there appears to be a need to air and debate subjects that are of interest to a local audience, beyond what we get in our existing media.

Often traditional media*, have time and space constraints, and sometimes their own agenda (God forbid). Therefore, the freedom of the net allows anyone to have a voice, a rant and a rave, or at least a forum to share their piece. It also sets it's own equilibrium whereby extreme views can be heard and explained and countered.

The other neat thing about online discussion is that, unlike local media*, this medium can engage in lenthly debate and air arguments way beyond what a 1 minute radio newsclip can entertain or a 2 coulum newspaper story can achieve. And as for the cat-up-a-tree story at the end of the TEN TV news...

As CairnsBlog gains traction with local readers, I thought it appropriate to update the web address to better reflect the broader focus, which is not only the Council election next March.
We will soon be coming to you from ... you'll be automatically be redirected there. Anyway, I keep you informed over the next days.

In the meantime, I look forward to being your comrade and facilitator in discussion on any subject I like. So there.

*Our local media comprises:-

- Cairns Post
- Cairns Sun
- The Tablelander
- Tablelands Advertiser
- Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette
- Cairns eye
- City Life
- In Touch, In Business
- Community newspapers: Southern Herald / Northern News
- Various local community / resident association newsletters like Yorkeys Knob Matters

- Seven TV

- ABC Far North
- 4CA FM
- 846 AM
- Sea FM
- Hot FM
- Coast FM
- Cairns Community Radio

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Anonymous said...

its seems our mayor has a very fragile ego.. a sign of insecurity perhaps