Monday 29 September 2008

They're killing our waterfront

On Tuesday at 2pm there is an organised non-violent trespass action planned at the Yacht Club site.

Boss Bligh and Demolition Desley have rejected clear advice form of Cairns' residents.

Instead of preserving and adapting our heritage, on our land as 11,000 citizens have asked by way of petition, the Queensland ALP government is going to cash in by a building an ugly commercial and residential hise-rise on our waterfront.

Boyle and Bligh have forgotten who they are supposed to serve. It's up to us to make democracy work properly.

Many want to sanction Boyle, Wettenhall, Pit, and O'Brien at the ballot box next year. To do this we need to make a public act of defiance that will be remembered by Cairns' residents in 12 months time.

In the Cairns Post letters today, Bryan says...
  • I am not one of those who attacks Mayor Val Schier just because she’s not mayor Byrne, nor do I expect miracles from a new mayor learning how to use the levers of government.
    Mayor Schier has deserved her settling-in time and she deserves community support for her vision of a green, people friendly city in the tropics. So I'm happy the Cairns Regional Council and the people of Cairns have given Val such an opportunity to shine, by making her our advocate with the Queensland Premier and Cabinet about preserving and adapting our historic yacht club building in a revised and popular Cityport development proposal.
    Around 8500 Cairns residents signed the petition asking for that. Val Schier needs to earn their respect by delivering her end of the bargain. We need to see Anna Bligh talking to Val and other Cairns reps.
    I know if Val Schier is going to be any good at doing her job, she is going to bring Premier Bligh in front of the people of Cairns to discuss the future of our yacht club building and our city port.
If you'd like to get involved in this non-violent civil disobedience on Tuesday, you can ring Bryan Law on 0403 049 566 or 4052 1563. Bryan is holding a meeting this evening for those who would like to know more or would like to participate.

Our City, Our land, Our heritage.

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