Sunday 7 September 2008

John The Joker

Syd Walker joins in the chorus to sing about the US election dog's breakfast.

If polls are to be believed, John McCain remains a popular guy.

McCain’s popularity may have something to do with his remarkable sense of humour.

The Republican Presidential candidate’s jocularity is on the record… sort of.

Take 1998, for instance. It was a truly fearful time, when the entire Free World was in peril. The Commander in Chief had been blown on the job. The nation was in shock. Impeachment proceedings were soon to start. The (1990s version) ‘Middle East Peace Process’ was off the rails (again).

Enter the great wag of our age, John McCain, with a timely jest. His wit at a time of crisis reminded America that a good laugh restores national unity.

Here’s the joke he told at the time:

Q: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
A: Because her father is Janet Reno."

(Reno was the female US Attorney General at the time. Chelsea was the President’s teenage daughter).

Geddit? It’s a lesbian/ugly girl joke – targeted at the daughter of the President and the chief law officer of the land.

The kind of joke that might even be too tasteless in Australia.

With a little help from the mainstream media - and a remarkably forgiving Clinton White House - McCain managed to bury his verbal blunder. helped retrieve it from the memory hole at the time. You can find it there now.

Has anyone told Sarah Palin about this?

Apparently not, judging by the (almost literate) statement issued yesterday from the Palin residence:

"We ask the media, respect our daughter and Levi's privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates."

A delightful spin-off benefit of the Palin fiasco is that quality Alaskan blogging has come to the attention of a wider readership. Not all Alaskans, it seems, are over-sexed gun-toting moose-shooting oil-drilling morality-preaching hypocrites.

The Progressive Alaska Blog is a good read. Mudflats is my favourite.
That’s where I found the best one-liner of the week:

“Jesus was a Community Organizer; Pontius Pilate was a Governor.”

There’s a bumper sticker!


Anonymous said...

There goes Syd again. Full of spleen, bile, hate, and despite his pretensions a mind about as broad as a bees dick.

I would suggest that the capability your brain sometimes (rarely these days)suggests is wasted poring the internet for this kind of rubbish. You display a psychological obsession to find any scrap to justify your world view.

That someone told that joke in 1998 is the best muckraking you can dig up then god help all of us. Not that I believe in god but apparently now you still do with your promotion of Jesus at the populist expense of the wrongly maligned Pilate. The implicit reference to Jesus and Barak Obama is simply bizzare and VERY scarey.

With deference to Barak, wasn't he the one who recently said family was off limits in response to you and your slimeball mates at Daily Kos loopey rantings?

Anonymous said...

McCain's singing of "Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" to the Beach Boys "Barbaranne" at a Republican Conference early this year, was chilling and indicative of an unbalanced mind.
As for Sarah Palin, she has used her children for publicity when she feels like it. Palin presents as a narcissistic, manipulative, self-serving, cold hearted bitch. I'm glad American women know her for what she is.