Wednesday 27 February 2008

Door knocking with Robert

Today I left the beaches to help my buddy Robert Pyne door knock his neighbourhood.
Here he is in Forest Gardens chatting to Kerri-Anne, with 8-month-old Fletcher.
In the new Division 3, there are over 8,200 voters, comprising around 5,000 households.
"I started canvassing this electorate street by street in December," says Robert. "Almost every household has heard from me."
One of the perils of door knocking in the midst of a North Queensland wet season, is the extra challenge of the rain and in a wheelchair. This afternoon the sky opened up at 3pm, just as we headed out.
"People are delighted to see you. They're really appreciate you making the time to listen," says Robert, son of former Cairns Mayor, Tom Pyne.
"I remember when my dad was starting out campaigning in the early 80's, he was door-knocking with my sister, who then was in her late teens," recounted Robert. "They had reached the house of one of dad's opponents in White Rock, where he encouraged young Jo to knock on the door."
"My dad's running for the council," Jo introduced herself. "So is my dad!" came back the reply.
Robert says getting out and meeting residents has been the best part of campaigning. "You get to really engage with people. You learn a lot simply from listening to their stories," says Robert Pyne.
If you'd like to offer a few hours to help Robert knock on doors, you can contact him on 4036 3360.

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