Friday 29 February 2008

No free public debate

After weeks of attempts, from a number of community groups, individuals and even the Cairns 1st team, the Mayor has refused to agree to a public debate with his opponents.

Last Friday 200 turned up to the Cairns International hotel, paying $50 a pop, to hear Byrne and Schier, and what they will offer for the next four years.

I know there have been at least four attempts to co-ordinate and host a free public debate with Kevin Byrne and all mayoral candidates. Kevin Byrne has refused.

He won't be attending the "Mayoral" lunchtime debate on Monday at the Courthouse hotel that CAFNEC are organising.

He has still not responded to a request from a CairnsBlog promoted mayoral debate that we were hoping to run in the last two weeks of the campaign.

He has not agreed to the lads at Brothers League Club who wanted to host a large public debate for the Mayoral candidates.


The simple answer is that he doesn't like these types of events. They expose him and his vulnerabilities. They also expose Val's, or anyone who participates. However, they can also show the strengths of the character we want to elect as the leader of our city.

These are important opportunities for anyone, of any social economic background, to come along, make a judgement and ask questions of those seeking elected office.

It's a sad indictment that Kevin Byrne fails to engage in these important events prior to election.

He not only detests this form of democracy, he doesn't believe in community engagement. This is evidenced by the way in which he will not sanction a free public forum for anyone to attend.

And he wants your vote.


Anonymous said...


Why has KB not responded to a request from

Because any event organised by this site would be so, so obviously biased.

Just look at your commentary of the campaign so far - entirely pro-Cairns 1st, and entirely against KB.

For God's sake, anyone who thinks this site and its commentary promotes democracy and free-thinking is deluded.

Weigh up the biased rhetoric from this site against the achievements the Unity Team has made for Cairns residents in recent years.

Michael Moore, you really do live up to your more famous namesake.

Anonymous said...

ROFL anonymous. The reason why Kev Byrne won't attend any community forum on environmental issues is that as he often says, he "won't listen to MINORITY groups".
It is a "minority" thing to worry about flooding and storm surges in Cairns, according to Mayor Byrne.
It is a "minority" thing to have concerns about unsistainable development. It is a "minority" thing to experience problems with inadequate roads. It is a "minority" thing to worry about evacuation in the event of a disaster when you're old and frail and don;'t have a car.
Shit, on the last one, Kev Byrne and his Unity Team have demonstrated they couldn't give a stuff. Old people, frail people, car-less people are a "minority".

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for our own Michael Moore!!! We need him.

Janine Aitken said...

Could it be that there are sites like this popping up all over the internet because sadly our own Cairns Post seems to have dropped the professional journalistic ball and like alot of Cairns media has forgotten how to report all sides of politics, the federal election and Charlies declared landslide victory a few days before the election is proof of how the Cairns Post is a balanced and fair source of news. Thank God for Michael Moore and everyone who contributes to this site, and sites like it, We the minorities now have somewhere to go!

Anonymous said...

Where are the meadows? (tar and cement)
Where are the lilacs? (tar and cement)
And where is the tall grass? (tar and cement)
The laughter of children? (tar and cement)
Nothing but acres (tar and cement)
Acres and acres

Verdelle Smith's old song says it all...

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore has achieved what I originally thought would be impossible...engaging the community in meaningful debate.
I hope "cairnsblog" continues after the council elections, and with as many participants.
The American economy is sinking with many now predicting a protracted and deep recession. Global warming is marching on relentlessly. The Chinese Government is encouraging their investors to invest overseas. Last year Germany exported more than China. The USA seem to be telling more lies about the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The world is moving from a unipolar to a multipolar world.

We have much to discuss and talk about. We need "cairnsblog"