Tuesday 12 February 2008

Statement by Mayor Mick Borzi

Syd Walker's three-part CairnsBlog investigation into the Mareeba Shire Council's decision to approve the new Myola Plan, developed the case that Mayor Mick Borzi had an undeclared conflict of interest at Council's recent 'special meeting'.

Through Apels Solicitors, Mayor Borzi issued this response at 5pm last evening.

We report. You decide.


Anonymous said...

What a convenient oversight by Mick Borzi!! He has only "today learnt his block is just inside the Myola plan area."

Anonymous said...

Anyone can do a title search with the Department of Natural Resources on any piece of property.
I think it costs around $20.00 a title search. (?) The Department offers a free "dealings" search on its internet site.
I hope this information is of use.

Anonymous said...

It beggars belief that Mr Borzi did not know where his land was.

Anonymous said...

I know Mick Borzi pretty well and I don’t like how he behaves, but I feel compelled to comment on this article.

The facts of this topic compared to the “thrilling three part series” have shown that Mr Walker is not currently fit to hold a position of trust in the community. Someone who doesn’t do his homework before making public comments and decisions. Someone who is willing to continue to purse a matter even when the facts are made known to him.

Why would Mr Walker do this? What would compel him to make such a fuss?
Oh yeah that’s right he is a typical election candidate after all.

No doubt as a candidate for the local government elections Mr Walker you know there is a Code of Conduct.
So how well are you currently tracking against the following items.

4. Only make public statements which the candidate knows are true about an opponent’s personal affairs.
(A half truth is a lie)
5. Avoid making complaints to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, the Ombudsman, the Electoral Commission of Queensland or the Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation, against an opponent during a campaign, which cannot be supported with evidence.

However the code is voluntary and Mr Borzi is not running for Council and therefore isn’t your opponent.

“I have legal advice that they meet threshold conditions for a Crimes and Misconduct Commission investigation.”
The reason the CMC doesn’t get to deal with real problems is because people like you Mr Walker want to fill up their inboxes with complaints that ignore all the facts and are simply done to satisfy personal bias and gain. I am pretty sure your legal adviser today would say it meets the threshold for a good laugh in the CMC smoko room. However if you’re still confided send it to the CMC and "knock yourself out".

So all that remains Mr Walker is what are you going to do now? Are you going to admit you screwed up or try and defend your position knowing full well you screwed up. Now before you answer consider this. If you take the first option you learn a lesson and it might make you a better candidate. If you take the second option then you continue on your present course of becoming a typical politician.

Anonymous said...

Hey back off Jude.. how dare you make such a judgement.. I mean.. when you are out on the town, attending to your day job.. bet you don't recall your street number? Do u? Not everyone have photographic memory. I mean, unbeknowst to me, I drove into my neighbour's driveway, walked in and jumped into be with a stranger, that I thought was my partner. I had better than normal sex. The next morning I got up and went to work and then discovered the errors of my ways.

Damm, I really must remember my exact street number next time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Numbers are us, What is it exactly that you are growing in your back yard?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jude .. what ever he has in his back yard, I want some, providing he remembers where he lives.
Anonymous, you attack Sid Walker for his investigation, But you didnt seem to read the statement from Mick Borzi. He admitted that his land does fall inside the developement site. The statement was alittle confusing in the way it was written tho. He does have a chance of making a financial gain if this developement goes ahead. If the council and Mick Borzi had been upfront in what they where doing, and invited people like Sid to the meeting, then, people would not have had to do a personal investigation to try to figure out what the council was trying to do. I take my hat off to Sid and his investigation. Maybe what Sid was able to find out was not 100% accurate. But, if Mick Borzi had done things openly, there would have been no need for any investigation into this event.