Thursday 28 February 2008

Velcro gloves and gumboots

I was forced into publishing this, and do so under duress.

The Christchurch Press reports on a North Canterbury man who has pleaded guilty to having sex with a goat.

In his defence he stated that “animals can’t talk” so he thought he would not get caught. The defence lawyer discriminates against goats also by pleading for name suppression to continue as his client only raped only a goat, not a human.

As my mate David Farrar at KiwiBlog points out, the one thing missing in the story are details of how the man got caught? Did the goat dob him in after all?

Oh well, if you can't bleat em....


Anonymous said...

the kiwi obviously mistook the goat for a sheep, unless he was actually a Tasmanian.

Anonymous said...

Proust? Someone who posts on this blog has read Proust?? I am.............speechless.

Anonymous said...

So....Proust, regarding your "rememberance of farts passsed" Are you talking about your offspring? Sound like right little turds to me.

Anonymous said...

proust's rememberance of farts past is a Tasmanian and proud of it. Gee fellow Tasmanian are your sure u r not really a victorian because I do not understand your post at all, Offspring were that 90s band.
Hey Mr Hanky is a turd and he's great!
But kudos on getting farts, turds and proust all in a sentence or two in your post, good stuff!! Can't really beat that, eh!