Friday 29 February 2008

Despicable finger pointing

It's the show that Big Kev's been looking forward to.

A great photo op, and he didn't disappoint us.
If you wanna see first hand how our Mayor talks to residents, watch the trashy and ill-named A Current Affair on WIN TV this evening.

Tonight they're doing the 'Cory of the North' party story, about that big teenage party on the south side.
Mayor Kevin engages with one of the parents in the main street with his now infamous finger pointing shouting "Your behaviour is quite despicable!"

I've also had the wrath of Kevin Byrne's rude finger pointing. It's the way any fallen old army hack thinks it's okay to communicate with people.

If he feels that this is the way he'll gain respect and get his point across, he's on Planet Rude Bastard.

We have so few celebs up here, they even dragged 846AM's John McKenzie into this story: "They're like a plague of locusts," he claims, a line he wrote for a screenplay about wannabe TV celebrities that never got a screening.

6:30pm tonight, if you're bored or the cricket's not on.


Anonymous said...

If the kids had some regular music venues to go to,then they wouldn't be forced to go out into the suburbs surely? What the hell has Byrnes left in the city?

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Business District is full of dirty streets, shabby buildings, too many over-priced restaurants, cheap Asian imports, and in places looks like a shabby, grungy part of Tokyo.

Give it a few more years, and there will be a red light district complete with strip joints right in the CBD. The type of place, much more lucrative than say, a music venue like Johnno's, so there won't be many complaints.

Anonymous said...

Finger pointing the guy should have received a smack in the mouth.

As for your comment "fallen old Army hack" in regard to Kevin Byrne.

Just what is your claim to fame ??

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget, no where to sit in the CBD. The steel seats are in direct sun and are so hot, you burn your rear end, and the ones in the park near the libary have all been removed and not replaced.

After dark, the CBD is a dangerous place and as a woman, I do not perceive it as a safe place to visit on my own. Even at 9pm after the movies, with one's partner, you can encounter drunks and loutish behaviour in the main streets. This has not been a one off experience! I fear not only for my own safety, but also for those tourists who may not realise the dangers lurking..

It needs a good clean up, more policing and some sensible seating.

Anonymous said...

There is already a strip club at the bus terminus on Lake St where the kids and mums all wait for the Sunbus. And most of the Asian prostitutes who adverstise in the newspaper all stay in the same motel, so we pretty much have our de facto red light district. Both more lucrative than Johnnos, as Anonymous says. Just not patronised by indigneous and "alternative" types, so they are ok.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the proliferation of Asian prostitutes in the city has only met with a deafening silence from the Mayor and Unity Team.

Anonymous said...

Ok let’s look at this while remembering we were once young!

Family values;
Most of the young adults that attended this party are good and decent people.
There are also those who only attend to provoke others into uncharacteristic behaviour.
Additionally there are and always will be those parents who do not know or care where their kids are.
While other have unfortunately been brought up with no respect for the law or respect for police officers who are duty bound to enforce same.
Then we have the Gene pool (fictionboy’s happy paddling in the shallow end) and by looking at some of the ADULTS involved in these incidents, they leave a lot to be desired.
Even good parents, once their kids reach a certain age can’t know where they are 24-7, its part of growing up and trust.

Pack Mentality;
A prime local example of this is the Unity Team. You have a leader who has the most experienced at breaking or manipulating the law.
They use their influence on weaker minder people leading them into their corrupt way of thinking. Once total power is established they then use the weaker subjects (Sno, Terry, Simon) to execute their dirty deeds all the while keeping their own hands clean.
A real life, extreme example is the Fathers Day Massacre, Milperra NSW.
At least with these blokes you knew where you stood, again individually they were good and decent people but once the colours went on they became different people.
Young adults are easily lead, be it through media, friends or other influence, they call it experimenting, so did we?

Complex to say the least, a good start would be by not sensationalising these types of behaviour through the media.

A cult figure is born through another’s misfortune.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last Anonymous on this one. well some of it anyway. The media hype these people get for their out of control partys makes them heros. If the media left them alone, they wouldnt get the coverage they need to become the heros.
I admit, when we where kids, we still had the party's as kids are today. But, the difference was that there where parents there to controll it, and there wasnt the alcohol that the kids can get hold of today.
In our days, we where brought up to respect the police, and the people who organised the party, as well as the people who lived around where we where having the pary. If someone stepped out of line, either the party host, or the Police, would kick you in the butt, and take you home, tell your parents, and then they would kick you in the butt. Today, the Police arent allowed to touch the kids, or take them home, the hosts arent allowed to touch anyone to keep the disipline. The doo gooders of todays society, have taken the control away from parents and police so these kids can just do what ever they want. As proof of this, take notice of how many kids wonder the street till all hours of the night, every night of the week. The parents dont even have to take responsibility for what their kids do anymore.
On this one, you cant blame councils and governments. You have to blame the do gooders who learnt how to raise kids off a cereal box, who have taken the ability of parents and police to disipline kids. Bring back the cane in schools, and the right for parents to have a purpose bought belt, and the right of the Police to acutally police these kids.

Anonymous said...

Looking at todays "Cairns Post", looks like Gavin King has finally moved his eyes out of his whatever and noticed the filthy, grungy, smelly Cairns CBD.
As has been pointed out before, it looks like some Asian backwater, especially at night when the rattus rattus crawl out from the gutters to eat the foodstuffs overflowing from the bins.

Anonymous said...

god knows where that finger has been too!, like up factman's asrsehole.